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Can Stress Raise Blood Sugar In Type 2 Diabetes

My Blood Sugar Is Too High How Can I Lower It

Diabetes and stress: how does it affect my blood sugar levels – Ken Tait

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How To Reduce Stress And Tension

Many people deal with stress daily because of work, home life, financial situations, or health conditions. Minimizing the effects of these daily stressors can significantly impact overall well-being. Here are a few stress-relieving practices that you can make as short or long, easy or complex as you would like. Give these a try:

Be on the lookout for common symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, increased hunger, fatigue, and blurred vision. Schedule an appointment with a St. Lukes Health endocrinologist if you have concerns or questions about diabetes and its management. For more tips on coping with stress, reach out to a Baylor St. Lukes Medical Group primary care physician.

What Do The Insulin Receptor Molecules On The Cells In Your Body Do

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Is Sugar Bad For You

If you love sweets, dont despair. You dont have to give them up forever. Sugar will raise your blood sugar levels more quickly than other carbs, but diabetes experts now say the total amount of carbs is most important. So keep your serving sizes small and take into account the total carbs and calories.

Stress In People With Type 2 Diabetes

Can Anxiety Cause Blood Sugar To Rise

For people with type 2 diabetes, high levels of stress can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. When there is a high level of cortisol in the body, it causes body tissues to be less sensitive to insulin. Therefore, more blood sugar is available in the bloodstream. When this happens, blood sugar levels become imbalanced and can reach dangerously high levels, especially if it is left untreated.

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Is It Time To Ditch Sugar

Its no secret that sugar can cause issues if youre indulging in a little too much of the sweet stuff. Still, most Americans are eating too much sugar.

The harmful effects it can have on your physical health are well studied, which is why we talk so much about reducing sugar intake to lower the risk of these effects, like chronic disease.

While ditching the sweet stuff can result in a physically healthier you, its the effect sugar has on our mental health thats worth taking a second look.

How Do I Know Whether Stress Is Affecting My Glycemic Control

A simple way to do this is to rate your stress level on a scale of 1 to 10 every time you test your blood sugar levels. Make a note of this number and next to it write down your glucose reading.

By doing this consistently for a few weeks, a pattern should emerge that allows you to see whether high levels of stress coincide with high glucose levels, or vice versa.

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Why Your Blood Sugar Drops

The goal of diabetes treatment is to lower your blood sugar. But sometimes, it drops too low. Most people feel symptoms if it goes below 70 milligrams per deciliter . It can happen when you:

  • Take too much diabetes medicine
  • Exercise more than normal

People who donât have diabetes can get low blood sugar, too. Some medicines and diseases can cause it. It can also happen if you:

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What Do You Do To Lower High Blood Sugar

What causes diabetes, high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes

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What Are The Effects Of Stress On The Body

Have you ever been in an intense situation and noticed your heart rate accelerated, your breath quickened, and your muscles tightened? That response is called fight-or-flight and takes action when various hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol, are released. Fight-or-flight is a valuable response every now and then but can be harmful to your body if experienced every day. The influx of hormones can suppress your immune system and make you susceptible to disease.

Studies support the connection between emotional stress, depression, and diabetes. Chronic emotional stress has been established as a risk factor for depression, and depression is a known risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Another study has shown that high cortisol levels might prevent insulin-producing cells in the pancreas from working correctly. Insulin is a vital hormone that regulates your blood sugar and is a critical player in developing type 2 diabetes.

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Fast Without Insulin

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Ways To Reduce Mental Stress3

  • Learn how to relax during stressful moments by using deep-breathing exercises.
  • Evaluate your schedule to find how to make changes to relieve stress.
  • Exercise regularly and take regular outdoor walks to experience nature, which generally has a soothing effect on the body and soul.

It is important to understand what stress is and how it effects your body. By identfiying and actively finding healthy ways to overcome your stress triggers, you can help to improve your diabetes management.

References1. Glucerna.How Stress Affects Blood Sugar Levels 2020. Abbott Laboratories. Available at: https://glucerna.com/why-glucerna/how-stress-affects-blood-sugar-levels..2. Diabetes UK. Stress And Blood Glucose-Levels.2019. Diabetes Digital Media. Available at: https://www.diabetes.co.uk/stress-and-blood-glucose-levels.html .3. Mind Organisation. Stress. 1st ed. London: Mind publications, p.1-15. 2017. Available at: https://www.mind.org.uk/media-a/2959/stress-2017.pdf .

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Stress Can Take A Toll

Can Stress Make Your Blood Sugar High

While stress and depression are not the same condition, some of the ways to relieve them are quite similar. These include making sure to take your meds as prescribed, follow the recommended diabetic diet, having someone you can talk to, and staying physically active. Be sure to limit alcohol and caffeine and get enough sleep. Some people find relief in meditation. You can even use simple breathing techniques to slow your heartbeat down during a stressful period.

When you are living with diabetes, its important to recognize that anxiety can sometimes feel like low blood sugar, which makes it hard to know how to treat it. The best way to know is to check your blood glucose level.

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Glucose Fuels The Brain

Although glucose so far sounds like a bad thing, you wouldnt be able to survive without it. In fact, one of the amazing facts about your brain is that your noggin runs on glucose. According to Harvard Universitys Neuroscience Institute, the brain uses the most energy out of all the bodys organs, and so requires half of the bodys sugar. In addition, glucose is the primary source of energy used by our bodies, Zuckerbrot says. Once your body has used the energy it needs, glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, she says. If your body runs low on glucose, the pancreas will release its other hormone, glucagon. Glucagon induces the liver to release stored glucose into the bloodstream, Zuckerbrot says.

How To Lower A1c Overnight Carbs

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How To Reduce Anxiety

First, lets be clear: If youre experiencing anxiety, we want to know about it. We care about much more than your physical health. We know that mental health is an important part of your overall well-being.

We care about our patients, and we are always in your corner, ready to help you.

Following are some useful tips for reducing anxiety:

  • Any type of physical activity, even if its just a quick walk around the block during your lunch break.
  • Reducing or eliminating your alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • Getting enough sleep

If your anxiety continues for more than two weeks or if youre finding it difficult to complete everyday activities, you should consider talking to a counselor or psychologist who can provide help and direction. We can provide a referral if needed.

Emotional Stress May Cause A Rise In Glucose Levels

What Is Type 2 Diabetes? | 2 Minute Guide | Diabetes UK

We are mostly aware of physical stress and how to manage it. Emotional stress is more complicated to detect and so more difficult to manage. Feelings like fear, anxiety, anger and excitement all cause the body to secrete stress hormones into the bloodstream, to help prepare the body for the so-called fight-or-flight response. When the body is under stress, the adrenal glands become enlarged and produce two hormones – adrenaline and noradrenaline. While the main role of noradrenaline is to prevent blood pressure from falling, adrenaline is an important blood glucose regulating substance1. Raising blood glucose is important in stressful situations, as the body prepares itself for a lot of physical and mental activity. The release of adrenaline helps achieve this and, combined with the increase in blood pressure, ensures the supply of oxygen and glucose to all parts of the body².

For people who do not have diabetes, the body releases insulin to reduce high blood glucose levels. However, for people with diabetes, stress may contribute to increase blood glucose levels for many days, weeks or months.

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Recharge Your Batteries By Getting A Good Nights Sleep

Plenty of research shows that lack of adequate sleep can lead to emotional strain for example, a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that sleep deprivation is a contributing factor to anxiety disorders. Whats more, poor sleep may cause blood sugar levels to swing: In a large study published in Diabetes Care, people with type 2 diabetes who slept less than 4.5 hours per night had higher blood sugar levels than those who slept 6.5 to just over 7 hours a night. Sleeping too much was also associated with higher blood sugar. Getting enough sleep can help your diabetes management, Campbell says. If youre not sleeping well at night, discuss the matter with your doctor.

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Art Therapy Another Tool To Fight Stress

Art therapy is one of the new forms of psychotherapy. The idea is based on considering artistic work as a means of therapy for patients. By materialising their experience through art, participants externalise and reduce their stress.

In practice, arttherapeutic disciplines include dance, theatre, painting and even writing.

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Handling Your Response To Stress

You have some control over your reaction to stress. You can learn to relax and this may reduce your bodys hormonal response to stress. There are often groups in your community, or books you can read, that teach relaxation techniques.

Some of these techniques are surprisingly simple and effective. There are a range of options to help you relax. For example:

  • Breathing exercises

  • Getting regular exercise

  • Consciously replacing bad thoughts with good ones

Whatever method you choose to relax, practice it. Just as it takes weeks or months of practice to learn a new sport, it takes practice to learn relaxation.

You can also often make quite simple lifestyle changes that can help reduce some of the stress factors. For example, if you always get very stressed when you get stuck in a traffic jam that makes you late for work, think about what other options are open to you. Would it be a more healthy option for you to walk to the railway station and take the train?

Take time to look at your life coolly and clearly. One way to do this is to imagine that you are a friend who has come to talk to you over the fact that their life is getting them down. What changes could that friend make in their life? Changes that would either reduce their stress levels or strengthen their ability to cope?

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