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Dario Glucose Meter Review

The Dario LC Blood Glucose Management System is the ultimate all-in-one device for checking blood sugar. It contains a monitor that plugs directly into your phone, a lancing device and strip storage.


  • All in one unit system

  • Hypo alert with GPS location


  • Test strips not widely available

  • Limited phone compatibility

The Dario LC Blood Glucose Management System comprises a meter, lance and strip holder all in a plastic unit which is small enough to slip into a pocket. The meter plugs directly into your phone so you can use the accompanying app for a large clear display as you take a measurement and then analyse the data.

This is one of those products that makes you think, why arent they all like this already? We say already as this feels ahead of the trend, not only with its all-in-one portability but with an app that far surpasses the competition. For anyone with poor sight, this is ideal as it turns your phones large, clear and colorful display into the screen for your monitor. Thats why it sits at the top of our guide to the best glucose meters in 2020.

You can go from a finger prick, to logging, to data analysis in seconds, all without even needing to carry a bag with you when out and about as this is pocket-friendly. Of course, being one unit, that does mean you need to use the same lance each time unless you carry spares they wont fit in the unit.

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Why Youll Love The Dario Smart Glucose Meter

  • Connects directly to your Smartphone no need for extra cables or adapters
  • Rapid results receive your blood glucose reading within 6 seconds
  • Accurate Dario accuracy meets ISO standards with only a small blood sample
  • Pocket-Size Meter easily fits into your purse or pocket, no need for a bulky pouch or case
  • Battery free the power comes from the SmartPhone. No need to carry extra batteries for your glucose meter

Dario Glucose Test Strips

Dario glucose test strips feature an easy to open flip top cartridge to keep test strips fresh for a longer period and to make them easily portable with your Dario glucose meter. No more carrying around inconvenient test strip vials. Each Dario glucose test strip cartridge holds 25 strips. The cartridge snaps into the modular Dario Housing.

Dario glucose test strips are for use with the Dario smart meter which is a personalized, pocket-sized, all-in-one glucose meter coupled with a robust real time mobile app to manage diabetes quickly, efficiently and accurately. Dario is an advanced, all-in-one glucose testing system that offers a robust real time mobile app to manage diabetes quickly, efficiently and accurately. Dario glucose test strips are manufactured by Dario Health.

When its time to test your glucose levels simply remove the decorative cap on your Dario meter and pull out a new strip. Place the test strips into your meter and youre ready to test your glucose level. Its that simple.

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Smart Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Because we know what a challenge living with diabetes can be, weve made managing your health simple and intuitive. The Dario blood glucose monitoring device is an ultra-compact, all-in-one system that contains everything you need to measure your sugar levels. No more bulky pouches, separate lancing devices, and intrusive meters! Everything you need is in a device that fits neatly into your purse or pocket giving you a simple, convenient, and proven way to manage your blood sugar , anytime, anyplace.

What Are Dario Test Strips


Blood glucose test strips are a key component of blood glucose testing. They are small disposable strips of plastic and they provide a very important role in helping people with diabetes to monitor and control their diabetes. The strips work with glucose meters to read your blood sugar levels. Knowing your blood sugar levels will help to manage your disease.

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Meet Dario Your Diabetes Management Buddy

Ive been using the Dario Glucose Monitoring System for a while now and Ive been very impressed with the consistent accuracy, size of the device, and how price competitive the solution is.

But theres so much more to the Dario system than just the accuracy and the price, so let me take you through some of the main benefits that really set the Dario system apart from other offerings on the market.

This post is sponsored by Dario Health, but all opinions are my own and are based on my use of the product.

Other Glucose Monitor Options

The functionality of the Dario device is similar to almost all other traditional glucose meters. What sets it apart, however, is its compact design including built-in test strips and lancets, and its use of a smartphone.

The app also offers a lot of practical and easy-to-use features, like the ability to keep notes on food and exercise alongside glucose logging, push-button data sharing, and that GPS location alert for hypos.

The closest competition in terms of tech features is probably the Ascensia Contour Next One meter, that has Bluetooth connectivity to a comprehensive smartphone app.

In terms of compact design, perhaps most similar is the One Drop Chrome glucose meter, which measures .75 inches x 1.25 inches x 0.5 inches and is praised for its sleek look.

But neither of those meters have the test strip container and lancet built in, which is what makes the Dario exceptionally easy to carry and discreet. Also, Darios test strips are sold in packages basically providing unlimited strips, helping with affordability and convenience.

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Dario Starter Kit Includes:

Normally priced at $79.99, the Dario Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started.

And today it can be yours for only $39.99! That’s a savings of 50% off the regular retail price, and less than a family night out at the movies. This limited-time offer won’t be around forever and we’re doing it because we want to win your trust and serve you.

Meet Your Dario Coach

How to Assemble Your Dario Glucose Meter

Managing a chronic condition can be hard. Dario coaches are your personal support system, your product specialist, and a wellness information resource! From setting up the device, to learning how to effectively use the application, coaches guide members throughout their entire journey with Dario, making living with a chronic disease easier and simpler.

Available by phone or chat through the app, your personal Dario Coach is here to support you in making the most of your Dario system, hear about your challenges, set realistic goals together, and accompany you on the journey to better health.

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Knowing Your Numbers Is A Great Startknowing What To Do With Them Is The Key To A Longer And Healthier Life

Dario brings you all the tools you need to successfully manage your diabetes an innovative all-in-one meter, a world-class smart app, testing supplies, and our scientifically proven diabetes success plans. Whether youre looking to use the Dario blood glucose monitoring system for the simplicity and ease of our all-in-one device, or you want to improve your diabetes management with our unlimited, automatic test strip and lancet fulfillment, full health coaching, educational content, and detailed reports, Dario is tailored to you.

Dariohealth: Digital Health Solutions For Chronic Conditions

Access to Actionable Insights. Our solutions enable access to real-time data at the individual level and across populations. Whether you are a Dario user trying to get healthier, a care coordinator in a large physicians group, or a care manager at a health plan, you can easily find actionable insights based on the most current information. Visit site

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Where Can You Get The Dario Glucose Meter

Unlike some diabetes supplies, no prescription is required for a Dario glucose meter.

You can purchase the device directly from the manufacturer in a subscription model if interested, which includes unlimited test strips delivered to your door. The plan options are Basic , Pro , or Premium

You can also purchase the meter and supplies from Amazon, Walmart, or BestBuy. The retail cost of the meter is $84.99 and includes 10 lancets, 25 test strips, and 10 disposable covers to place around your phone while checking your blood sugar to avoid getting blood on your smartphone.

A box of 100 MyDario lancets costs $8.99, a box of 100 test strips costs $59.99, and a box of 100 disposable covers costs $14.99.

Dario is covered by some big insurers in the United States. You can check with your insurance directly, or fill out this form to have the company help you apply for reimbursement. Your out-of-pocket costs will vary depending on your individual insurance plan.

Dario Test Strip Cartridge:

Dario Blood Glucose Test Strips for The Dario and Dario LC Blood ...

Dario test strips feature an easy to open flip top cartridge to keep test strips fresh for a longer period and to make them easily portable with your Dario glucose meter. No more carrying around inconvenient test strip vials. Each Dario test strip cartridge holds 25 strips. The cartridge snaps into the modular Dario Housing.

When it’s time to test your glucose levels simply remove the decorative cap on your Dario meter and pull out a new strip. Place the test strips into your meter and you’re ready to test your glucose level. It’s that simple.

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Accuracy And Outcomes Lets Talk Hard Data

Yes, I like the Dario Glucose Monitoring System but it has to also statistically deliver on its promises of improved care, so I looked up some of the scientific studies that have been presented at different conferences such as ADA, ADCES, DTM, and AATD.

I was pleased to see that in these studies, data shows that using the Dario system can reduce A1c and Hypo and Hyperglycemic events, as well as increase in-range measurements.

Data presented at the American Diabetes Associations 78th Scientific Sessions on June 25, 2018, showed the results of 3 different studies on people living with type 2 diabetes.

In the largest study , 19% saw a reduction in high blood sugar episodes and an 11% increase in reading within 70-180 mg/dL. The most significant shift in blood sugar management was seen for the users using the system for a month or more

Another study with 225 people living with type 2 diabetes showed that they experienced a decrease in significantly high blood sugar episodes by 58%

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Dario Glucose Meter Price

You can check out the current prices of the Dario glucose meter here . Or click on the picture on the left. Amazon offers the Dario meter for both Iphone and Android.

The Dario glucose meter is also available on eBay .

Keep in mind that test strips can be purchased separately. To save a bit of money you can look for offers to stock up for a while. Here is an amazon retailer that offers Dario strips.

The Dario meter is covert by many health insurances. Fill in this form on the Darios website to see if you are covered and get reimbursed for the cost.

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Smart Mobile Device Integration

The Dario Smart Glucose Meter is cleared for use with a variety of mobile devices. The glucose meter pops out of the all-in-one device and is plugged directly into the headphone socket or lightning port of your smartphone. Your blood glucose readings and additional data are automatically synced each time you connect your Dario. Your personal data is stored securely in our cloud server for you and your medical team to reference.

Buying Dario Test Strips Online

How to use your Dario blood glucose meter

You can buy Dario Test Strips online through one of the UKs leading online pharmacies, Pharmacy Planet. It’s easy and convenient. You will need to fill out a short assessment and the item will be delivered directly to your door. If you want to buy these test strips online, use Pharmacy Planet, a UK pharmacy you can trust.

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So Ask Yourself When Was The Last Time You Got Excited About Your Blood Glucose Meter

… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It has so many neat features and is so much easier to carry around. It is amazing! Thanks Dario!

I think youll agree that Dario will get you excited about monitoring your blood glucose.

When you join today, youll get the Dario Starter Kit delivered straight to your door. No hassles. No prescriptions. No headaches.

How Does It Work

Dario is essentially a smart glucose meter that turns your smartphone into a blood glucose meter. This blood glucose monitoring system is compact, fitting easily into your pocket.

Dario connects to your smartphone and displays and then logs your blood glucose measurements. This device requires no wires or batteries and only a tiny drop of blood – much less than comparable readers.

Because the device is quick, providing results in less than six seconds, its a great alternative for folks who are frustrated with the long waits of traditional devices.

It uses real-time to track and record your blood glucose measurements, giving you an idea in just seconds of what your current condition is so you can adjust your activity and eating habits.

Dario also offers three different membership plans. With a regular membership, you get unlimited test strips and a hundred lancets, along with access to the free Dario app.

A pro membership gives you all the features of the basic membership, plus live coaching webinars and access to a personal specialist with guided follow-ups.

A premium membership provides you with expert guidance, monthly coaching, and a check-up call.

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Dario Glucose Meter Reviews

The Dario Glucose Meter, also known as the The Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System, is a compact glucometer that allows users to test and monitor their glucose levels using the device and a smartphone app.

It includes a glucose meter, a test-strip cartridge with 25 test strips, and a lancing device.

My Account Shop Dario

Dario Blood Glucose Test Strips for The Dario and Dario LC Blood ...

Login. The information provided is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician or qualified health provider regarding your condition and appropriate medical treatment. Individual symptoms, situations and circumstances may vary. Always read the Visit site

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Is The Dario Smart Meter For Me

If you have been looking for a meter that is very compact and allows you the chance to log readings direct to your phone, the Dario Smart Meter is a good option.

However, if you are prone to having your phone run out of charge on you at awkward times, youll need to consider whether this meter is really right for you.

One other consideration to bear in mind is that, when out and about, will you be anxious about having your phone out whilst your hands are busy lancing your finger? The nightmare scenario being that it could increase the risk of your phone falling or being stolen from under your nose when on public transport.

Carbs We Do The Carbs Counting For You

Having to constantly calculate carbs every time you eat can be exhausting and is one of the most challenging parts of living with diabetes. Just for example, if you would ask 10 dietitians who are also certified diabetes educators the carb count on a given plate, they would most likely respond with ten similar but different answers. With our food database of nearly 500,000 food items Dario helps you remove the guesswork from carb counting by doing the math for you. Our goal is to provide you with a tool for standard and consistent measurement of carbs, so that you can eat freely without having to calculate every single thing, every single time. We do all of this keeping in mind that simple is better. You can even save the meals that you commonly eat to help speed up your day.

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Dario Blood Glucose Strips

Normally 2 Business Day Handling. We will choose the most cost effective and/or fastest option for a fixed price.This service is supported by Australia Post or a courier company of our choice. All deliveries are fully tracked, signature may be required.You authorise the delivery company to leave the parcel at the front door.No PO Box, GPO Box, Parcel Lockers or other similar addresses. Must be a street address only. Normally 1 Business Day Handling. Toll is one of Australia’s largest courier companies. Deliveries usually arrives next business day in all Australian metro cities, however it is not guaranteed. All deliveries are fully tracked, no signature required. You authorise Toll to leave the parcel at the front door. Must be a street address only. Normally 1 Business Day Handling. Local Pickup at David Jones Pharmacy 448 Neerim Road Murrumbeena Victoria 3163. Drivers license must be presented for collection. Pick up is usually available next business day, an email is sent to confirm this.Continue reading > >

Personal Diabetes Progress Monitor

How to measure your blood sugar with the Dario Meter

Dario automatically keeps a record of your entire diabetes history. Monitor your progress by easily accessing your logbook, time-line and charts at the tap of a button. You will never have to download your meter again.

After using the Dario device, youll be armed with actionable numbers that can help you prepare for both high and low blood glucose levels. Whether it be related to a meal, exercise or other everyday events in your life. Our system allows you to see your blood glucose measurement as more than just a number.

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