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Cinnamon Coconut Sugar Cookies – HASfit Healthy Cookie Recipes – Low Glycemic – Diabetic Friendly

Youll find recipes for classic chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and peanut butter cookies. There are also exciting low-carb cookie recipes like pistachio cookies and pumpkin spice snickerdoodles.

All the recipes are keto-friendly and gluten-free. Most of them are very easy, using only one bowl and ready in under an hour. Quick and simple like all good cookie recipes should be.

Give these recipes a try and serve them to family and friends for tea time. They will love how delicious they are and will be amazed that theyre healthy too!

Carbs Carbs Carbswhat About Them

When it comes to managing diabetes, the carbohydrates, or carbs, you eat play an important role. They impact your blood sugar, so remember that balance is key!

There are three main types of carbohydrates in foodstarches, sugar and fiber. As youll see on the nutrition labels for the food you buy, the term total carbohydrate refers to all three of these types.

When it comes to choosing foods with carbs, the goal is to choose carbs that are nutrient-dense, which means they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and low in added sugars, sodium and unhealthy fats.

Introducing The Diabetes Plate Method

No matter which eating pattern works best for you, it can still be hard to know where to start when it comes to building healthy meals that help you manage your blood sugarwhile still being tasty.

Thats where the Diabetes Plate Method comes in. Using this method, you can create perfectly portioned meals with a healthy balance of vegetables, protein and carbohydrateswithout any counting, calculating, weighing or measuring.

And once youve got the Plate Method down, check out these tasty plates for some meal planning inspiration! Find articles like this and more from the nutrition experts at the American Diabetes Associations Diabetes Food Hub®the premier food and cooking destination for people living with diabetes and their families.

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What Is A Diabetic Salad

You would be forgiven for thinking that all salads are healthy but in fact, many store-bought salads and salad dressings are full of hidden carbs, sugars, and other ingredients that you would probably prefer to be without.

A diabetic salad is one that is low in carbs and wont cause a spike in your blood sugar. Many of the recipes here are also high in protein which makes them very filling as a main meal. Healthy fats from avocados, nuts or a low-carb ranch dressing also make up part of a great diabetic salad recipe.

Chia Seeds Walnuts And Almonds

The Diabetes Cooking for Everyone: 250 All

You might not have heard of chia seeds but Ive been aware of them for some time as the richest source of omega-3 fats from the vegetable kingdom, and a staple food for thousands of years going back to the Aztecs and beyond. Its just that you couldnt get chia seeds in the UK and many other countries until recently. The first record of chias consumption by humans is in 3500 BC, and by 1500 BC it had become a cash crop in Mexico. Aztec rulers received chia seeds as an annual tribute from conquered nations, and the seeds were offered to the gods during religious ceremonies. But chia dropped out of the Meso-American diet and culture after it was banned by the Catholic Spanish conquistadores, because it had been worshipped by the locals. Instead, agriculture was forced towards growing foods that Europeans were accustomed to.

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Mediterranean Grilled Salmon Kabobs

These grilled salmon kabobs from Erhardts Eat are healthy and packed with flavor. They take chunks of omega-3-packed salmon and nonstarchy veggies like zucchini, grape tomatoes, and red onion, and then marinate everything in dried spices, olive oil, and lemons. Add the lean protein and veggies to skewers and cook on the grill for a quick, healthy meal for diabetes.

One serving offers 316 calories, 20.7 g of fat , 4.3 g of carbs, 30.4 g of protein, 1.2 g of fiber, and 2.2 g of sugar. Optional: Top the kabobs with tzatziki sauce.

Understanding The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index was developed as a way to help people with diabetes eat healthier and manage their blood sugar levels more efficiently. Its a tool that gives a score to each type of food based on carbohydrates and how they affect your blood sugar. To better understand GI values and how they affect you, whether youre living with diabetes or not, its important to look at how your body processes carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are a macronutrient found in foods. There are three primary types of carbs: sugars, starches, and fiber. When consuming something that has carbs, your body begins to break it down for processing and nutrient absorption. Sugars and starches are broken down into glucose, which is what your cells use for energy. Fiber is not broken down and instead, passes through your body. Insulin then helps to transfer glucose from your blood into your cells, so they receive the energy from your food. Glucagon helps to release glucose thats stored in your liver when your blood sugar is low. This entire process is what helps keeps your body fueled, both inside and out. The thing that sets low-glycemic carbs apart from high-glycemic carbs is how quickly your body digests them and therefore, the speed at which glucose enters your bloodstream.

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What About Glycemic Load

While knowing the glycemic index score of a food can be helpful. It doesnât tell the whole story. The glycemic index score only tells us how quickly the food can raise your blood sugar. It does not offer any information about how much of the food you are eating though. Glycemic Load is a more holistic, useful metric.

Watermelon is a common example used to show the difference between glycemic index and glycemic load. The glycemic index of watermelon is 80. It is considered a high glycemic index food because the type of carbohydrate it contains can raise blood sugars very quickly. But because the actual quantity of that carbohydrate is fairly low in a normal size serving, the glycemic load of watermelon is only 5.

Low glycemic load: less than or equal to 10

Medium glycemic load: 11 â 19

High glycemic load: 20=

Glycemic load takes into account the type of carbohydrate a food contains and how much of the carbohydrate it actually contains.

Low Gi Monsoon Fruits To Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Learn about Glycemic Index (GI) and Prevent Diabetes!

Fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients. You dont have to skip them if you have diabetes. Here are some low GI fruits that are in season, and are the perfect foods for diabetes.

Eating in accordance with a particular season is a great way to consume fresh food, especially during the monsoon season, when everyone gets sick. We all know fruits are essential for our health, because they contain multiple vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for our bodies to stay healthy. However, diabetes makes it difficult to eat normal food like others. Those who suffer from this lifestyle disease need to adhere to a strict diet with a low glycemic index, and be careful of the sugar content in the foods they eat.

Thats why a low glycemic index is ideal for diabetics. As diabetics, you need to choose fruits that are low in glycemic index, so that they will not interfere with your blood sugar levels. Fortunately, there are certain fruits that can help control your blood glucose levels.

Here are these seven low GI fruits for diabetics:
1. Jamun

Jamun has all the goodness you need, if you have diabetes. According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, jamun has antidiabetic and antioxidant properties. This means jamun will be helpful in slowing down the process of converting starch into sugar. And that leads to lesser chances of a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.

2. Cherries
3. Pear
4. Sweet lime
5. Plums
6. Peaches
7. Apple

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Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

This hearty chicken noodle soup combines skinless chicken breasts, low-sodium chicken broth, garlic, onion, carrots, celery, and a variety of herbs. Plus, it uses zucchini in place of pasta noodles. Because there are no noodles, its low-carb, making it a great option for someone who is watching their carbohydrate intake, Poulson says.

Plus, this chicken vegetable soup is jam-packed with color and nutrients, and brings plenty of flavor as well, Poulson notes.

One-sixth of this recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef offers 226 calories, 5 g of fat , 14 g of carbs, 3 g of fiber, 32 g of protein, and 5 g of sugar.

The Initial Causes Low Glycemic Recipes For Diabetics

Type 2 diabetes is a common condition in many people. This type is caused by a lack of insulin and is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. The bodys inability to process glucose from the blood can damage many parts of the body, including the eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to avoid diabetes. Here are five tips to help you lower your risk: Eat more vegetables and fruits, get regular exercise, and avoid smoking.

High levels of triglycerides in the blood are another factor that can cause diabetes. These triglycerides are caused by a buildup of cholesterol in the blood. A high triglyceride level causes the body to misrepresent insulin as a molecule, which causes glucose to build up in the blood. A simple blood glucose test can confirm your diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. By following these tips, you can begin living a healthy life and avoid the complications of diabetes.

A person with type 2 diabetes must consume less sugar. Glucose causes thirst and dehydration because the body releases energy stores into the bloodstream instead of using insulin. If untreated, diabetes can lead to weight loss and diabetic ketoacidosis, a dangerous condition whereby the cells are deprived of energy. To prevent the condition, you must make sure that your diet is low in glycemic load and that you exercise regularly.

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Do Diabetics Benefit From Low Glycemic Diet


  • Low-GI foods show meaningful reductions in blood sugar levels compared with higher-GI/GL control diets
  • Vegetables, most fruits, pulses and wholegrains are some of the low-GI foods
  • Consuming a low glycemic diet can also reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetics

People with diabetes who follow a low glycemic diet were found to show small but important improvements in their blood sugar & cholesterol levels, weight and other risk factors, reveals a new study published by The BMJ today.These improvements were seen over and above existing drug or insulin therapy, suggesting that a low glycemic diet might be especially helpful as add-on treatment to help those with diabetes better achieve their targets, say the researchers.

Low glycemic diet can also lower other risk factors such as fasting glucose, LDL cholesterol, body weight, and C-reactive protein, but not blood insulin levels, HDL cholesterol, waist circumference, or blood pressure.

The glycemic index rates how quickly different foods affect blood sugar levels and research has shown that low-GI foods, such as vegetables, most fruits, pulses and wholegrains, can help keep blood sugar levels steady and reduce the risk of heart disease in people with diabetes.

So researchers set out to summaries the effect of low GI/GL dietary patterns on blood sugar control and other known risk factors in diabetes to help inform the update of the EASD guidelines for nutrition treatment.

Healthy General Tsos Chicken

Low Glycemic Happiness : 120 Low Glycemic Load Recipes for Blood Sugar ...

For a healthier version of a popular Chinese takeout dish, try this General Tsos chicken recipe found on the Plated Cravings blog. This homemade version removes the breading and skips the deep frying, both of which make it a healthier option for people with type 2 diabetes, Poulson says.

It starts with a lean protein source and marinades it in a very small amount of cornstarch, salt, and pepper. It then adds a simple stir-fry made of peanut oil, dried chiles, toasted sesame seeds, and chopped scallion. Peanut oil, for one, is a good source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, according to the ADA.

Finally, youll pour on a sauce made of ketchup, rice vinegar, hoisin sauce, a touch of brown sugar, and soy sauce .

One-quarter of this recipe packs 207 calories, 10 g of carbs, 12 g of protein, 12 g of fat , and 7 g of sugar. To keep the meal low-carb, serve with a side of sauteed or steamed veggies instead of piling it on a bed of white rice, Poulson says.

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More Than Just The Glycemic Index

Whats more important than the glycemic index of food is the glycemic load of your meals. The glycemic load takes into account the glycemic index of the food and how much you eat of it. Because, sure, a certain food might have a low glycemic load, but if you eat too much of it, it can still result in high blood sugar. So, the story isnt just done by what you eat, its how much and how you eat it.

Another thing to consider is that certain foods like nuts and apple cider vinegar can also affect your blood sugar when consumed with high-glycemic index foods. For example, its been shown that the addition of peanuts and vinegar to a high glycemic food can reduce the glucose response by up to 55%.

Its also about how you prepare your food. In general, baking increases the glycemic index of foods. For example, a sweet potato boiled for 30 minutes has a GI of 46 which is low, but if you bake that sweet potato, it has a GI of 82, which is high.

Now lets get into the low glycemic recipes.

What Does Low And High Gi Mean

The glycemic Index ranks food depending on the rate at which the body breaks it down to form glucose.

High GI foods are those that are quickly broken down into glucose. Typical examples of high GI foods include white bread, sweetened drinks, biscuits, potatoes and oranges.

Low GI foods are those that are broken down more slowly by the body. Typical examples of low GI foods include whole grain bread, milk, beans, leafy vegetables and berries.

What do low GI foods do in relation to diabetes?

As low GI foods tend to break down more slowly, they are less likely to cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels compared to high GI foods and therefore they are a better option for keeping stable blood glucose levels.

Favouring low GI foods over high GI foods leaves you feeling more satisfied over a longer period of time, and less likely to feel hungry before the next meal.

What do high GI foods do in relation to diabetes?

High GI foods break down very quickly causing blood glucose levels to rise sharply. People with diabetes refer to sharp rises in blood sugar levels as spikes in blood sugar.

Furthermore, for those who produce their own insulin, high GI foods can force the body to try to produce a surge of insulin to counteract the quick acting carbohydrates and a common consequence of this is a feeling of hunger within 2 to 3 hours, which can leave the dieter craving more food.

For this reason, people with diabetes have to be careful when it comes to eating high GI foods.

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Low Gi Cajun Shrimp Traybake

Traybakes are one of my personal favorite dinner recipes. Theyâre simple and can be made in just a few minutes. All you need is lean protein, veggies, some olive oil, and seasoning. In the example below, we’ve gone with Cajun cuisine with simple Cajun seasoning over the top of shrimp, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and bell peppers, but you can mix and match your ingredients and seasonings any way you like!

Note: In this low GI recipe, we use boiled sweet potatoes, which are high in fiber. Boiling them minimizes the GI as opposed to other preparation methods< sup> 6< /sup> . Theyâre also great sources of micronutrients like vitamins A, C, and E.

Makes 4 servings

  • 2 small sweet potatoes cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 1â2 lbs. shrimp , shells and tails removed
  • 8â10 medium mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 green bell pepper, cubed
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 Tbsp. low-sodium Cajun seasoning
  • Olive oil cooking spray

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil.

Preheat the oven to 375< sup> o< /sup> F.

Add the sweet potatoes to the pot and boil until tender, about 10â15 minutes, then drain.

Place the remaining ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir so they are evenly combined. Spray a large baking sheet with olive oil, spread the ingredients out in an even layer, and bake for 30 minutes. Serve over sweet potatoes. Enjoy!

Nutritional Breakdown: Calories: 285, Carbs: 18 grams, Protein: 48 grams, Fat: 4 grams

Low Gi Cod And Veggie Packets

Low Glycemic Load Crispy Samosa Recipe for Diabetic Patients | Diabetic Meal Ideas by Diabexy

All seafood is a good choice for a low GI meal, including shrimp, salmon, cod, or clams. Seafood is also a great option because it offers healthy omega-3s and protein. Try this simple cod and veggie packet bake for a 15-minute meal for 4!

Makes 2 servings

  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 lb. cod, cut into large chunks
  • 3 medium-sized zucchinis, cut into large chunks
  • 1 small red onion, sliced


Preheat the oven to 375< sup> o< /sup> F. In a large mixing bowl, combine low-sodium vegetable broth, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Add cod chunks to the bowl of broth mixture. Stir so all pieces of fish are submerged in liquid.

Cut extra-large pieces of aluminum foil or parchment paper to fold into packets for cooking the cod. Place foil or parchment pieces on a large baking sheet. Arrange veggies around each piece of cod in the center of the packet. Fold the top half of the packet over fish and veggies, folding tightly to seal. Place the baking sheet in the oven for 15â20 minutes or until the fish is cooked through . If it doesn’t seem done after 20 minutes, place the packets back into the oven for another 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

Nutritional Breakdown: Calories: 336, Carbs: 22 grams, Protein: 46 grams, Fat: 9 grams

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