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Normal Range For Fasting Blood Glucose

Should I Use A Continuous Glucose Monitor

What’s A Normal Fasting Blood Glucose Level?

While a fingerstick blood sugar test gives you a static glimpse of your glucose level at that precise moment in time, a CGM is a more constant flow of information that provides a more complete picture and pattern of how youre doing.

This device monitors glucose levels under the skin, providing real-time results every 1 to 5 minutes. You insert a CGM on your body and wear it for 7 to 14 days, with the diabetes data being streamed to a separate handheld receiver or your smartphone app.

Importantly, you can see in real-time the effects of food and exercise on your glucose levels, and catch cases of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia as they happen, avoiding the potentially dangerous consequences. Its also a potentially life-saving tool for people with diabetes who experience hypoglycemia unawareness, alerting them to impending low blood sugars when their own bodies fail to recognize the warning signs.

Research has shown, time and time again, the benefits of CGM in helping people improve their diabetes outcomes. This

Fasting Glucose Goal: 72

Why? Previously we discussed that the ADA considers normal fasting glucose as anything < 100 mg/dl. However, multiple research studies show that as fasting glucose increases, there is an increased risk of health problems like diabetes and heart disease even if it stays within the normal range. The highlights of some of the study results include:

  • Men whose fasting blood glucose was greater than 85 mg/dl had a significantly higher mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases than men with blood sugars less than 85 mg/dl.
  • People with fasting glucose levels in the high normal range had significantly increased cardiovascular disease risk than people whose levels remained below 80 mg/dl.
  • Children with fasting glucose levels 86-99 mg/dl had more than double the risk of developing prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes as adults when compared with children whose levels were less than 86 mg/dl.
  • People with fasting glucose levels between 91-99 mg/dl had a 3-fold increase in Type 2 diabetes risk compared to those with levels less than 83 mg/dl.
  • Among young, healthy men, higher fasting plasma glucose levels within the normal range constitute an independent risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. This means that as fasting glucose increases, even if the level is still considered normal, it could indicate a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes, and this is particularly pronounced if BMI is greater than 30. .

If You Have An Acute Illness

Acute illnesses such as infections can affect your ability to control diabetes and can lead to serious diabetic complications, such as ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar coma and severe dehydration. Your health care provider will give you instructions about how to care for diabetes during acute illnesses, and you can learn to avoid acute complications through patient education.

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What Should My Bgl Be

For a person without diabetes, throughout the day blood glucose levels will generally range between 4.0 7.8 millimoles of glucose per litre of blood regardless of how they eat or exercise, or what stress theyre under.

When youre living with diabetes your body cannot, or finds it hard to, keep your BGLs within a healthy range.

Because each person living with diabetes is different, your GP or specialist will set target BGLs that are right for you. However, here is some information you can use as a general guide.

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Block Carb Absorption Diabetes Medication

Blood Sugar Chart Fasting

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Risks Of Abnormal Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

As suggested earlier, the normal fasting blood sugar level is between 70-100mg/dl.

  • If your blood sugar level is below 70mg/dl then you may have hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.
  • A blood sugar level of 100 suggests prediabetes or borderline diabetes.
  • A blood sugar of 120 mg/dl is an indication of diabetes.

S Glitze Diabetic Medication

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Why Arent Diabetes Drugs Covered By Insurance

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Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar

Normal blood sugar level | Normal Fasting blood Sugar Level | Fasting Blood Sugar Range

In contrast, hypoglycemic refers to when your blood sugar is too low. Common symptoms include irregular or fast heartbeat, shakiness, anxiety, pale skin, fatigue, hunger, sweating, irritability, and tingling/numbness in cheek, lips, or tongue. As it gets worse, you may also experience confusion, blurred vision, seizures, and loss of consciousness.

If you have diabetes, low blood sugar can happen if youre not taking enough medicine. Hypoglycemia is less common in people who dont have diabetes but it can happen. Things like certain medicines, excessive alcohol drinking, critical illness, and hormone deficiency can cause low blood sugar in individuals without diabetes.

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Other Severe Symptoms Of Hyperglycaemia Include:

  • Blood vessel damage

Mild hyperglycaemia, depending on the cause, will not typically require medical treatment. Most people with this condition can lower their blood sugar levels sufficiently through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Those with type 1 diabetes will require the administration of insulin , while those with type 2 diabetes will often use a combination of injectable and oral medications , although some may also require insulin.

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Normal A1c Range For Type 1 Diabetes

  • Best Way To Raise Blood Sugar
  • How High Should My Blood Sugar Be After Eating
  • Hypoglycemia Cartoon
  • Glycohemoglobin Normal Range
  • A1c 8.7 Average Blood Sugar

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When Should I Check My Blood Glucose Level

When you should check your blood glucose levels and how often you should check varies depending on each individual, the type of diabetes and the tablets and/or insulin being used. Your doctor or Credentialled Diabetes Educator will help you decide how many checks are needed and the levels to aim for. Possible times to check are:

  • Before breakfast
  • Before rigorous exercise
  • When you are feeling unwell

Even though your meter may have a memory, it is important to keep a record of your readings in a diary and to take this with you to all appointments with your diabetes health team. This will provide both you and your diabetes health team with important information in deciding if and how your treatment may need to be adjusted.

Most meters on the market have software which allows you to download your records in different formats such as graphs and charts. Even if you can do this, it is still helpful to keep a diary, not only for your checks but also details of your daily activities, the food you eat and other relevant information. There are some apps that record all of this information in one place. Ask your doctor or diabetes educator how you can use a diary to help you to better manage your diabetes.

Checking four times a day is usually recommended for people with type 1 diabetes. However many people check more often, such as those using an insulin pump .

Healthy Normal Sugar Levels In Diabetic Adults

Trudiogmor: Normal Range Of Hba1c Level
  • In diabetic patients above 20 years of age, blood sugar level remains between 100 to 180 mg/dL throughout the day.
  • The fasting glucose range should be between 70 to 100 mg/dL to avoid diabetic complications.
  • At bedtime blood, sugar levels should be between 100 to140 mg/dL to avoid any diabetic complications.
  • The blood glucose levels chart for women shows the normal blood sugar level readings should be between 100 to 140 mg/dL at bedtime. It should be > 70 and < 100mg/dL after fasting.
  • In diabetic pregnant women, the blood sugar readings should be a little tighter, between 70 to 89 mg/dL after fasting. They should regularly monitor their glucose levels to avoid delivery-related complications.
  • Summary

    Healthy diabetic adults should maintain a normal sugar level of 70 to 130 mg/dL before meals and less than 180 mg/dL after 2 hours of meals. Pregnant women should maintain a blood glucose level of 95-140 mg/dL to avoid complications. This can be done with the right habits in place that help you maintain your sugar level without getting stressed about it.

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    What Are Abnormal Glucose Levels And Why Do They Matter

    Why is it unhealthy for glucose levels to be too high or too low ?

    Hyperglycemia refers to elevated blood glucose levels. This usually occurs because the body does not appropriately remove glucose from the blood this can happen due to many complex reasons. Elevated glucose levels can damage blood vessels and nerves over time this can then lead to problems in the eyes, kidneys, and heart, as well as numbness in the hands and feet. Very high levels can lead to coma and even death in some cases. People with fasting glucose levels higher than 100 mg/dl have impaired glucose tolerance and should speak with their healthcare provider.

    Some people may think that to avoid all these issues, they should just keep their blood glucose levels as low as possible. If too high is bad, then low must be good, right? Not exactly. When glucose gets too low, its called hypoglycemia. The threshold for hypoglycemia is typically thought to be when glucose falls below 70 mg/dl. When this happens, the body may release epinephrine , the fight or flight hormone, which can lead to a fast heart rate, sweating, anxiety, blurry vision, and confusion, but also helps the body mobilize glucose into the blood. If blood glucose levels stay too low for too long, it can cause seizures, coma, and in very rare instances, death.

    Hba1c Test For Diabetes Diagnosis

    An HbA1c test does not directly measure the level of blood glucose, however, the result of the test is influenced by how high or low your blood glucose levels have tended to be over a period of 2 to 3 months.

    Indications of diabetes or prediabetes are given under the following conditions:

    • Normal: Below 42 mmol/mol
    • Prediabetes: 42 to 47 mmol/mol
    • Diabetes: 48 mmol/mol

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    What If The Range Of Your Fasting Blood Sugar Levels Go Up 100 Mg/dl Chart Explained

    The chart below will help you get an idea on what goes on in case of changing of fasting blood sugar levels up 100mg/dl and down 70 mg/dl.

    When your fasting blood sugar level readings are between 100 and 125 mg/dl, then most probably you may have pre-diabetes.

    That is a condition in which your body insulin function is impaired. You may know it also as impaired fasting blood glucose condition.

    In case your fasting blood sugar levels figures are higher than 125 mg/dl, than most probably you may have diabetes. Further diagnostic exams will determine what type of diabetes you may have.

    Remember: always will be a double check to fully determine if you have diabetes or not.

    This means that youve to monitor your fasting blood sugar levels for one week, record the results for reference when consulting your doctor. Then, and only then you will know if you are diabetic or not.

    Remedies For Low Sugar Levels

    What is a Normal Blood Glucose Level?

    If you experience any low sugar symptoms, immediately test your blood glucose levels. For levels between 60 to 80 mg/dL, consume 15 grams of fast-acting carbs. Repeat the test after 15 minutes and eat till sugar levels settle to normal.

    But if the levels are below 50 mg/dL and if the patient is conscious and able to eat, give 15 gm. of fast-acting carbs. But if the patient is unable to speak, dont give him anything to eat. Call emergency services immediately. If possible, administer glucagon via injection.

    Chart showing levels of sugar i.e excellent, good, or action suggested

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    Alternative Explanations For The Rise In My Fasting Blood Glucose

    Is it possible that the three fasting blood glucose levels were high despite me being normoglycemic ?

    I can think of two realistic conditions that would have led to this situation:

  • Transient elevation of my fasting blood glucose because of the stress of being in a clinical environment
  • Transient elevation of my fasting blood glucose because of prednisolone, a glucocorticoid medication
  • Although laboratory error is something to consider, I dont think this is a viable explanation. I am confident the laboratory performs the fasting blood glucose test with high reliability and precision.

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    Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Children

    Typically, children without diabetes between the ages of 6-12 should have normal glucose readings that look like this:

    • Before breakfast : 70 to 120 mg/dL
    • One to two hours after meals: Less than 140 mg/dL
    • Before meals and at bedtime: 70 to 120 mg/dL

    Parents or caregivers wonât typically be checking a childâs glucose throughout the day unless they have a medical condition. Still, it can be helpful to know what is healthy.

    For children with diabetes, the amount of glucose in the blood will fluctuate from when they wake up, based on their activity levels, and before they sleep at night. Itâs important to remember that despite all this, glucose should overall stay between 80-180 mg/dL at all times throughout the day.

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