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Comparison Of Aid Systems

Omnipod Insulin Pump Dexcom G6 Pros/Cons | Daily Diabetics | Laina

The Omnipod 5 System is the first fully on-body AID system and the only one that can be fully operated with a compatible personal smartphone . The control algorithm is embedded in each Pod, and CGM data are transmitted directly to the Pod every 5 minutes for use by the algorithm in calculating insulin microboluses. As a result, the handheld controller or smartphone containing the app does not need to be near the Pod for on-body insulin automation to function once the Pod and CGM have been activated. The handheld controller does need to be within range of the Pod for the user to deliver bolus doses of insulin, view pump information, and receive notifications .

What Does Omnipod 5 Cost

Pricing is key of course, especially for those who dont have insurance or their particular insurer requires them to obtain diabetes devices through the Durable Medical Equipment category, which does not include this new Omnipod 5 system.

During past investor updates, Insulets leadership has said they planned to offer Omnipod 5 at parity with their DASH product.

A box of 5 Omnipod DASH Pods currently ranges from $270 to $369 at retail pharmacies. Prices may be as low as $118 on Amazon.

Insulet says its own internal research shows that Pods bought at the pharmacy save most of their customers an average of 27% in monthly copays, compared to those who do not use the pharmacy channel but have DME insurance coverage. That same data shows the monthly average copay for Omnipod DASH for people using 10 Pods per month was $39 plus a 20 percent coinsurance payment. Of course, coverage by private insurers varies, so youll need to check your own plan.

These prices do not include the necessary Dexcom CGM supplies that must also be purchased separately.

Insulet started a limited market release in the United States on the day of its FDA clearance announcement. That involves a group of preselected individuals beta testers, if you will who got first dibs on the new Omnipod 5. Insulet planned to learn what it could from those early adopters, and integrate learnings into training processes and customer service protocols for the broader rollout around the country.

Insulet’s Omnipod To Integrate With Dexcom Abbott Cgms For Automated Smartphone

Insulin pump maker Insulin announced partnerships yesterday with two of the leading continuous glucose monitor companies, Abbott and Dexcom. Both involve the Insulets Omnipod Horizon Automated Insulin Delivery System which uses a tubeless, wearable Pod to deliver insulin for 72 hours at a time.

Abbott and Insulet have partnered to offer a new integrated digital health platform that will combine Abbotts Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor with the Horizon System.

The integration will send data from the Freestyle Libre to the Omnipod Pod, which will use an algorithm to automatically adjust insulin delivery based on that data. A user will also be able to use an app on their personal smartphone to manually deliver additional doses of fast-acting insulin before meals.

As for the Dexcom deal, it is a nonexclusive global commercialization agreement to integrate the Horizon System with both the Dexcom G6 and upcoming G7 CGM systems. Similarly to the Abbott integration, users will be able to automatically adjust insulin doses using Insulets algorithm, as well as to control the pump from their smartphone.


A number of companies as well as researchers have been working for some time to combine continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps into reliable closed loop systems .

This is a step forward in that journey for both Abbott and Dexcom.


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Troubleshooting Forced Exits From Automated Mode

Improvements in glycemia directly correlate to the amount of time spent in automated mode when using an AID system . Therefore, helping people with diabetes maximize the amount of time in automated mode is key to achieving successful outcomes. In the Omnipod 5 pivotal trial , the percentage of time spent in automated mode was among the highest of any commercial AID system trials to date. Children spent a median of 96.4% , and adults spent a median of 96.7% of total study time in automated mode . This high use of automated mode is encouraging, as it suggests that users did not experience many obstacles to sustaining automated mode use over the 3-month trial period. An active Pod and CGM sensor are all that is required to activate and sustain automated mode in the Omnipod 5 system. Additionally, the systems minimum and maximum delivery constraints, which apply different logic than those of the MiniMed 670G/770G models, result in very few system exits from automated mode, and use of the factory-calibrated Dexcom G6 CGM system eliminates the need for user calibration to maintain automated mode function.

How Omnipod 5 Works With Dexcom G6

Omnipod DASH  Insulin uden sprøjter eller slanger

There’s a lot to manage when it comes to controlling your type 1 diabetes. Checking your blood glucose, adjusting your insulin, counting carbsthe list goes on. Fortunately, an automated insulin delivery system can help simplify your day to day. Find out how the Omnipod 5 system and the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring device use innovative technology to help control your diabetes with more freedom and flexibility.

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Things That Surprised Me

Some challenges come with the Dex, common human nature is to look because we can. Weve now gained constant access to this info and there can be a tendency to become a bit tech obsessed. People with a tinge of anxiety followed up with a dash of OCD can have problems from this. Ive not learned a way yet to overcome this, since I literally HAVE to carry my tech around on my iPhone and/or these other devices that are Bluetooth, I see no real way to effectively manage this, other than using basic psychology hacks to address them. Oddly, this was never mentioned when I started this tech. In my view, each diabetic care team should include a mental health component for these very issues, sadly, many cant afford these services, even if available.

The other huge and highly problematic issue is with iPhone interface and alarms. These iPhones almost never give alarms on a consistent basis. If theres an update on the phone, then youre almost guaranteed no alarms. I was told by Dexcom to shut down my phone and reboot it daily. However, even in doing so, there are no guarantees. Dexcom told me last time I brought it up that they are reporting these problems regularly to the FCC.Ive also experienced the Bluetooth for the Dex failing to alarm on a regular basis too.

Us Fda Approves Insulets Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System

The Omnipod 5 system is designed to manage glucose without fingersticks, tubes or multiple daily injections.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approvedInsulets Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System for type 1 diabetic patients aged six years and above.

The new system is claimed to be the first tubeless automated insulin delivery system.

It comes with a compatible smartphone and DexCom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor System integration that helps protect patients from variations.

With SmartAdjust technology, Omnipod 5 includes a tubeless insulin Pod, Dexcom G6 CGM and the Omnipod 5 mobile app, along with an integrated SmartBolus Calculator.

The device is designed to manage glucose without fingersticks, tubes or multiple daily injections.

Insulet president and CEO Shacey Petrovic said: Omnipod 5 is a life-changing technology that we believe will revolutionise the market and the lives of people with diabetes.

We are incredibly proud of this simple-to-use, elegant system, designed to deliver unmatched freedom and to greatly simplify insulin management and improve glucose control for our users.

Users can download the mobile app on a personal smartphone or use the Omnipod 5 Controller, which is provided free with the first prescription.

The company stated that SmartAdjust receives a Dexcom CGM value and trend every five minutes and predicts where the users glucose level will be in the next 60 minutes.

This helps protect patients against highs and lows.

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Please Contact Insulet For The Following:

Transmitter pairing failed to Omnipod® 5 ONLY

  • If your Dexcom transmitter is failing to connect to the Omnipod® 5 pod, but is able to connect to the Dexcom G6 app, please contact Insulet for troubleshooting at 591-3455.
  • If your Dexcom transmitter is failing to pair to both the Dexcom app and Omnipod® 5 pod, please contact Dexcom for support.

Transmitter loss of connection to Omnipod® 5 ONLY

  • If you have lost connection between your Dexcom G6 transmitter and Omnipod® 5 after initial pairing, but your Dexcom G6 app is functioning normally, please contact Insulet for troubleshooting at 591-3455.
  • If your Dexcom G6 transmitter is no longer communicating to both the Omnipod® 5 and the G6 app, please contact Dexcom for support.

Receiving an error message related to the Omnipod® 5 Pod or Omnipod® 5 App

  • If you receive an error message related to the Omnipod® 5 Pod or App, it may display a 14 or 15-digit numeric error code and/or instructions to call Insulet Customer Care at 591-3455.

Physical issues with your Omnipod® 5 insulin delivery system

  • If you are experiencing a physical issue with your Omnipod® 5 insulin delivery system such as those involving adhesion, bleeding, bruising, skin irritation, discomfort or pain at insertion site, or needle mechanism failure, please contact Insulet for support for troubleshooting your issue at 591-3455.

What Features Are Coming For The Omnipod 5 System

Beginner WALKTHROUGH for Omnipod 5 Horizon and Dexcom G6 SYNC

Insulet said they are working on the development of the iOS version of the Omnipod 5 app.

Insulet is also working to expand the availability of their AID system to even more people with diabetes. We will soon submit for the pre-school group, aged 2 to 6 years, a group for which we have impressive pivotal data, said Wiczek. In addition, we are currently conducting a clinical study with Omnipod 5 in people with type 2 diabetes.

Though the system is currently designed to only work with the Dexcom G6 CGM, integration with the Dexcom G7 CGM is in development. Additionally, Insulet and Abbott have a partnership, so there is hope that integration with the Freestyle Libre CGMs may be in the pipeline.

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Clinical Implementation Of The Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System: Key Considerations For Training And Onboarding People With Diabetes

Clin Diabetes

  • Get Permissions
  • Cari Berget, Jennifer L. Sherr, Daniel J. DeSalvo, Ryan S. Kingman, Sheri L. Stone, Sue A. Brown, Alex Nguyen, Leslie Barrett, Trang T. Ly, Gregory P. Forlenza Clinical Implementation of the Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System: Key Considerations for Training and Onboarding People With Diabetes. Clin Diabetes 1 April 2022 40 : 168184.

    Automated insulin delivery systems, which connect an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring system, and software algorithm to automate insulin delivery based on real-time glycemic data, hold promise for improving outcomes and reducing therapeutic burden for people with diabetes. This article reviews the features of the Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System and how it compares to other AID systems available on or currently under review for the U.S. market. It also provides practical guidance for clinicians on how to effectively train and onboard people with diabetes on the Omnipod 5 System, including how to personalize therapy and optimize glycemia. Many people with diabetes receive their diabetes care in primary care settings rather than in a diabetes specialty clinic. Therefore, it is important that primary care providers have access to resources to support the adoption of AID technologies such as the Omnipod 5 System.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using An Insulin Pump

    Scientific research indicates that the perks of insulin pump usage go beyond convenience. Using these devices may make it easier for you to control diabetes and even reduce your hypoglycemia risk. To enjoy the full benefits of using an insulin pump, be sure to share data from your pump with your healthcare team so they can adjust your treatment plan as needed.

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    How Does An Omnipod Insulin Pump Work

    The Omnipod is basically managed with a Personal Diabetes Manager , that connects with the Pod.

    From this PDM, you can see how much insulin on board your child has, you are able to do insulin doses from it, and manage your childs basal rate. The PDM basically looks like a cellphone, but its sole purpose is for the management of the Pod that is in session.

    The Omnipod 5’s Operating Modes


    The system can be operated in several modes:

    • Automated mode: Adjusts insulin delivery automatically and requires a CGM connection.

    • Manual mode: Delivers insulin at pre-programmed rates regardless of whether the CGM is connected.

    • Activity mode: Allows the user to temporarily set the glucose target for 150 mg/dL and suspend insulin delivery. This mode is designed for exercising or other periods of increased insulin sensitivity or when there is a higher risk for hypoglycemia.

    The CGM and Pod are connected via bluetooth and since the SmartAdjust algorithm is housed within the Pod, even if the controller or your phone were to run out of power , the system can still run in automated mode.

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    How Does A Cgm Work

    Before using a CGM, youll need to insert a tiny canula under your skin that is attached to a small sensor. Once its in place, the sensor will regularly measure glucose levels not in your bloodstream, but in the fluid surrounding your cells. A transmitter wirelessly sends your readings to your receiver, smartphone, or insulin pump. In the case of the Freestyle Libre system, this is known as a flash cgm, you must scan the sensor with your reader or smartphone app to be able to see your readings.

    The Difference Between The Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor And The Omnipod Insulin Management System

    When you think of an insulin pump , the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the OmniPod Insulin Management System. This isn’t surprising given that this was the first company to bring a tubeless insulin delivery device to market back in 2006. While newer pumps have been developed since then, the OmniPod remains a market leader for insulin pumpers that need the flexibility of being tube-free.

    Dexcom, on the other hand, is known primarily as a company that makes continuous glucose monitors. The Dexcom G6 CGM has been shown to be an effective tool for people with diabetes who are trying to keep their blood glucose levels under control. For those of you out there wanting to try the Dexcom G6 CGM but don’t have insurance coverage, Dexcom’s Share2 app can give you continuous access to your glucose data using a Dexcom G5.

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    A Short History Of Automated Insulin Delivery

    Automated insulin delivery, or AID for short, has been the holy grail in the diabetes community for a long time.

    Even with traditional insulin pump therapy, people with insulin-dependent diabetes are often walking a tightrope of managing stubborn highs and scary lows, often feeling imprisoned by their blood sugar levels.

    AID offers hope to minimize not only the highs and lows, but to lighten the mental burden of a life lived with diabetes.

    People with diabetes in the #WeAreNotWaiting movement have been hacking their old insulin pumps for years to achieve hybrid-closed loop systems, but these were never approved by the Food and Drug Administration , and were not recommended by physicians, nor had any safety guarantees.

    The first system to receive approval from the FDA, Medtronics 670g, became available in the United States in late 2016. This system made automatic adjustments to basal delivery based on Medtronics own continuous glucose monitoring system, The Guardian, and was extremely popular.

    That was quickly followed by the Tslim Control IQ system from Tandem that became available in the United States in early 2020, which was the first AID system to work with the Dexcom CGM system, and did not require fingerstick calibrations .

    The Guardian CGM needed to be changed every 7 days, whereas the Tslim system, using the Dexcom CGM, only needed changes every 10 days.

    Finally, on January 28th, 2022, the count carbohydrates and bolus insulin for all meals and snacks.

    People Who May Benefit From Aid

    Omnipod & Dexcom G6 site change!

    Most people with type 1 diabetes could benefit from AID therapy, but it is crucial to ensure that potential users have realistic expectations about what such systems can achieve. Individuals who are interested in insulin pump therapy and express trust in technological devices to manage their therapy are likely to do well with the Omnipod 5 System. Some authors have suggested that people with well-controlled diabetes , and particularly those reluctant to relinquish control of insulin delivery, may not be ideal candidates for any AID system . However, AID provides more than simply physiologic insulin replacement it enables people with diabetes to achieve glycemic targets while minimizing hypoglycemia in a way that tends to lessen burden. Thus, it is feasible that anyone with insulin-treated diabetes could benefit from AID therapy.

    Clinicians can facilitate success with the Omnipod 5 System for people with diabetes by taking steps before initiation to ensure that individuals are fully knowledgeable and prepared to use the system. Taking care to optimally program settings at therapy initiation is also important to appropriately activate the system for the first time. Fine-tuning settings and providing support and education in an ongoing manner will help to optimize therapy moving forward.

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