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Pen Needles & Syringes: How Do You Know What Size Pen Needle to Use

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Why Choose Brandzig! Every box comes with 100-count of U40 Pet Insulin Syringes 29G 1cc, 1/2″ single-use insulinsyringes with needles. The barrels are made from medical-grade plastic that contains no latex, effectively eliminating allergic reactions. Theyre individually packaged in secure blister packaging ensuring maximum safety and ….

UltiCare U-100InsulinSyringes 3/10 mL/cc 6mm x 31G. Needle Gauge: 31G Needle Length: 6mm UltiCare insulinsyringes are precision engineered with advanced technology to provide patients with a more comfortable injection. SILICONE LUBRICATION: We add a layer of microbonded lubrication to help the needle glide into the skin.

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Fiasp ® can be taken at the start of a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal, whereas NovoLog ® injection 100U/mL must be taken 5 to 10 minutes before a meal. This range gives you flexibility when taking your mealtime insulin..

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BD Lo-Dose U-100InsulinSyringes. Lo-Dose sterile syringes with permanent BD Micro-Fine IV needle. Manufacturer: BD 329461. Catalog No. 14-826-79. $47.25 / Pack of 100. $180.70 / Case of 5 PK. Due to product restrictions, please Sign In to purchase or view availability for this product. Description.

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What Are The Different Types Of Syringes

At a glance, syringes look the same but they are not. There are different varieties of syringes, although, most of them are disposable. If you buy a syringe, it either comes with or without a needle attached to it.

  • Plastic syringe It is the commonly used syringe because it is inexpensive and disposable. It comes with a full plastic plunger tip or a rubber plunger tip. Of the two tips, the rubber plunger tip is better because it minimizes the leaking of fluid past the plunger. Although affordable, plastic syringes flex under pressure which could lead to volume inaccuracies as high as 5%.
  • Glass syringe This type of syringe is used with a syringe pump. Unlike plastic syringe that is disposable, glass syringes are reusable and more accurate when compared to other types of the syringe. The plunger can be made from ground glass, glass with a Teflon syringe tip, metal with a Teflon tip, and metal-only. Glass syringe is more expensive than the plastic syringe.
  • Stainless steel syringe Of all types of the syringe, the stainless steel is the most durable one. It is primarily used for high-pressure dosing applications. The durability of the material makes it the most expensive type of syringe. Aside from the price, another drawback is the challenge of using it as it is not transparent. Health professionals may find it difficult to load and remove air bubbles.
  • Image 5: The different types of syringe tips.

    Picture Source: vitalitymedical.com

    Cost And Buying Options

    You do not need a prescription to buy insulin pen needles, but a prescription is required to get insurance coverage if youre going that route.

    These needles are typically available at the local pharmacy or your mail order supply company. Some are also sold on Amazon or through third-party pharmacy distributors that offer diabetes supplies for home delivery. You cant typically buy these directly through the manufacturer, although one of the brands listed below does offer a special promotion for a free box of pen needles to try.

    Prices vary based on the quantity purchased ranging from 30-count to 50, 90, and most commonly 100-count. You can find them online for as low as $4 for a small box for some of the generic off-brand versions, to $14 for the name brand versions with higher amounts inside.

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    What Are Insulin Pen Needles

    Insulin pen needles attach to an insulin pen, which is a device used to deliver insulin to the subcutaneous tissue in your body. Insulin pens are easy to use and are often more convenient than traditional insulin syringes because the pen contains a pre-filled amount of insulin with a dial to choose the correct dose.

    You can use a disposable insulin pen , or refillable with a replaceable insulin cartridge.

    Whether you use a disposable or reusable pen, the needle should be replaced with each use.

    How To Safely Administer Insulin

    Easy Touch Pen Needles 32g, 1/4 Inch (6mm)

    As the body uses digestive enzymes to break down insulin, a person must use a subcutaneous injection to deliver the insulin into the layer of fat below the skin. The insulin can then absorb steadily into the bloodstream, where it circulates to cells throughout the body.

    To draw insulin into a syringe, a person should:

    An individual is now ready to inject the insulin. Common injection sites can include the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, and backs of the arms. To administer the insulin, a person should:

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    Visual Guide To Barrel Markings

    eah line is 2 units

    This is a 1 cc, 1 ml U100 insulin syringe with markings indicating every TWO units.

    This is a 1/2 cc, 0.5 ml U100 insulin syringe with markings indicating each unit.

    These are 3/10 cc, 0.3 ml U100 insulin syringes. At left is half-scale, or half-unit markings. At right is whole units with one mark for each unit of insulin.

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    Selecting Syringes And Needles

    Most of us can recognize a syringe, with a needle sticking out of a long plastic body. For many, it is a childhood horror that they can never forget! While your early years may have been spent dreading a needle, your teens or adulthood might require you to keep a supply of syringes ready to administer a doctor prescribed medication. When you start your own family, you may need a supply of needles for a family member to treat a medical condition. In this case, not only do you need to forget your old dread of this small medical device, but you will also need to know how to use it. Most importantly, you need to know that not all syringes are the same. There are different designs to meet different purposes.

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    How To Choose The Right Insulin Syringe

    Using a syringe for your insulin injections is still the most widely used way of delivering insulin in the United States.

    A syringe is a hollow plastic tube with a plunger inside and a short skinny needle attached. You have to use the syringe to draw the insulin out of a vial and then inject it.

    You want to choose the right syringe for the type of insulin that you use, and the first thing to check is if the concentration of your insulin matches the syringe.

    Its indicated on the syringe what insulin concentration the syringe is for. Insulin concentration is measured in Units/mL and indicated as U-100, U-200, or U-500.

    Make sure your syringe matches your insulin concentration or you might end up injecting the wrong amount of insulin.

    Secondly, you want to choose the syringe size thats appropriate for you. If you use large amounts of insulin at a time, youll want to choose a larger syringe so that you dont have to cut your doses up in smaller amounts.

    • 0.3 mL syringes are for doses under 30 units of insulin and are numbered at 1-unit intervals.
    • 0.5 mL syringes are for doses of 30 to 50 units of insulin and are numbered at 1-unit intervals.
    • 1.0 mL syringes are for doses of more than 50 units of insulin and are numbered at 2-units intervals.

    Finally, you want to consider which size needle is appropriate for you. Just as with pen needles, shorter needles sizes are generally recommended.

    Unifine Pen Needles By Owen Mumford

    The insulin pen needle

    British medical device maker Owen Mumford is the other big name in pen needles, though not as well-known in the United States as BD. Their products currently on offer include:

    Unifine Pentips. The most common brand name from Owen Mumford, which has been around since the late 1990s. The company says theyre designed to lower penetration force to support patient comfort and reduce the sensation of trauma, with a thin needle wall technology that limits how much thumb force is needed to inject insulin through the pen. This feature is designed to help reduce thumb arthritis. These are available in 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12 mm sizes and each has various gauges to choose from.

    Pentips Plus. This variety of Unifine pen needles offers an extra integrated needle removal safety feature. Using whats called Safe Click Technology, the pen needle has an extra chamber so you can more easily dispose of the needle after use. This can be especially helpful when youre on-the-go and not able to immediately put the used needle into a medical sharps container. This pen needle also comes in 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12 mm lengths and gauge options of 32 to 29 mm.

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    How To Get Your Pen Needles Or Syringes

    You might wonder if you can buy pen needles over the counter, and the short answer is that it depends.

    In the United States, prescription rules differ from state to state and in some states, you dont need a prescription to buy pen needles.

    However, if you use your insurance to pay for your needles, they might require a prescription. Reach out to your insurance company to learn if you need a prescription and if so, how much your co-pay is.

    There are also options to buy pen needles online without a prescription, but which solution is most cost-effective for you will depend on your insurance.

    Brands offering pen needles either online or through a prescription:

    Gauges And Needle Length

    The measurements of needles relate to how long the needle is. When a needles measurement is 31G, the G refers to the gauge of the needle. This donates the thickness, size, or capacity.

    The gauge and needle length will contribute to perceptions of pain when injecting.

    The longer the needle is, the harder it is to pressurise the insulin through so it needs a bigger hole down the middle.

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    Buyer’s Guide And Faqs About Insulin Pen Needles

    At Hospitals Store you will get the most up-to-date top-selling Insulin Pen Needles for hospitals in India with the latest discounted price. Here we are listing some Insulin Pen Needles of October 2022, available in the Indian market to assist you in finding the best deal and model.

    List-Top-selling Insulin Pen Needles:-

    Dont Forget The Needles

    Medical Sterile Disposable Safe Insulin Pen Needle

    Once youve picked your pen, youll need a needle for the tip. Pen needles screw onto the top of an insulin pen. Its good practice to change your needle after each injection or at least once daily. Fresh, sharp needles mean shots that are less painful.

    Most brands of pen needles will fit any of the insulin pens. Pen needles come in different lengthsbetween 4 and 12 mmand gauges .

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    Recommended Needle And Syringe Sizes For Infants And Children

    Newborn 0 to 28 days

    The recommended needle gauge ranges between 22 and 25 with a length of 5/8 inches to be introduced to the anterolateral thigh muscle.

    Infants 1 to 12 months

    The injection is introduced to the anterolateral thigh muscle with a needle gauge ranging from 22 to 25 and a needle length of 1 inch.

    Toddler 1 to 2 years old

    • The needle length ranges between 1 and 1 ¼ inch and gauges 22 to 25 injected to the anterolateral thigh muscle.
    • For the deltoid muscle route, the ideal gauge ranges between 22 and 25 with a needle length of 5/8 to 1 inch.

    Children 3 to 18 years-old

    • For the deltoid muscle route, the needle gauges are 22 to 25 with a length of 5/8 to 1 inch.
    • For anterolateral thigh muscles, the needle gauges are 22 to 25 and the ideal length is 1 to 1 ¼ inch.

    For subcutaneous injections, the needle gauge ranges from 23 to 25 of at least 5/8 inches.

    Choose Your Needle Size

    Insulin should be injected subcutaneously . Choose from 4 sizes to meet your body’s needs:

    • 32g, 4mm – our thinnest, shortest insulin pen needle
    • 31g, 5mm – thin and comfortable, with a little extra depth
    • 31g, 6mm – thin and comfortable, more depth for thicker skin or angled injection
    • 31g, 8mm – thin and comfortable, our longest insulin pen needle

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    How To Change An Insulin Pen Needle

    Changing your insulin pen needle can be done in just a few easy steps:

    Step 1. Wash your hands with soap and water to decrease risk of infection.

    Step 2. When you are ready to use your insulin pen, remove the pen cap and use an alcohol prep pad or cotton ball soaked in alcohol to clean the rubber end of your insulin pen.

    Step 3. Take out a new pen needle and remove the paper safety tab from the bottom. Press the outer cap straight on to the insulin pen and turn clockwise until tightened. The outer cap should be snug on the pen but not too tight. Remove the outer cap, and your insulin pen needle is now ready for use.

    Insulin pen needles should not be left on the pen when not in use, so always remove the needle after use.

    To remove the needle, first replace the outer cap securely on the needle. Then remove the needle by turning the outer cap counterclockwise until it is easily removed from the pen. Discard the outer cap containing the inner needle properly in a sharps container specifically designed for this purpose.

    After removing the needle, use an alcohol prep pad or cotton ball soaked in alcohol to clean the rubber end of your insulin pen. Replace the pen cap and store your insulin pen for your next use.

    Replacing your insulin pen needle with each use is important because it reduces the chances of:

    Insulin Syringe Sizes: How To Choose The Right Size For Your Situation

    How to Inject Insulin with a Pen and Pen Needle

    Insulin syringes come in three common sizes:

    • 3/10ml syringe, also called a 0.3ml syringe
    • 1/2ml syringe, also called a 0.5ml syringe

    How many units can each size draw?

    • 3/10ml syringe draws up to 30 units.
    • 1/2 ml syringe draws up to 50 units.
    • 1.0ml syringe draws up to 100 units.

    What size syringe should you use to draw your insulin?

    • If your dose is 30 units or less, use the 3/10ml syringe
    • If your dose is 31 to 50 units, use the 1/2 mL syringe
    • If your dose is 51 to 100 units, use the 1 mL syringe

    Here is some advice: Choose the smallest syringe size thats big enough to hold the largest dose you take in a day. The smaller the syringe, the easier it is to read the markings and draw up an accurate dose.

    If your largest dose is close to the syringes maximum capacity, you may want to buy the next size up to handle any increases in your dose adjustments. For example, if your dosage is 29 units and you buy a 3/10 mL syringe, you wont be able to use those syringes if your doctor increases your dosage to 31 units.

    3/10 mL syringes are available with two different kinds of barrels: one with dosage markings at every unit and one with dosage markings at every half-unit.

    People who take whole unit insulin doses of less than 30 units should use a syringe with markings at every unit because its large, easy-to-read markings make it simple to draw up an accurate dose.

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    Picking The Right Pen

    Pens come in two basic types: disposable and reusable.

    • Disposable pens are preloaded with insulin and are thrown away after the insulin cartridge is empty or the pen has been in use for 28 or 32 days .
    • Reusable pens work with insulin cartridges that can be loaded into the pen and then tossed away once the insulin is used, leaving the pen ready for the next cartridge. Each pen only works with certain types of insulin, so keep that in mind as you browse pens.

    Even though reusable pens are more expensive at first, replacement cartridges for reusable pens are cheaper than those for disposable, making them about the same price over the long term.

    Another pen trait you may want to note when picking a pen is how it doses insulin. Some pens can dose in half-unit increments , while others dose in whole units. The maximum dosage of insulin that can be delivered at one time also varies among pens.

    Which Device Syringe Or Pen

    The decision to use syringes or pens is a personal one. Here are some points to think about:

    • Insulin pens are easy to carry around and make measuring and injecting your insulin easier. Injections can be administered discretely. Most pens hold 300 units of insulin and can give up to 6080 units at a time. Most insulins are available as pens. Pens also allow the use of a 4 mm needle, which can be safer for ensuring administration into the subcutaneous area.
    • Syringes hold up to 100 units. They may be best if you use mixed insulins or if you’re giving insulin to a child.

    Talk to your healthcare provider for more advice. Read more about insulin pens and insulin injection technique.

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    • Use thumb, index finger and possibly the middle finger.
    • Pull skin and fatty tissue carefully away from the muscle.
    • Do not squeeze too hard.
    • Hold the pinch up as long as you keep the needle in.

    Always pinch up when using needles longer than 6 millimeters. Children should do this even when using 4 millimeter needles. Usually, pen needles are inserted at a 90-degree angle.

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