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Sugar-free Recipes For Diabetics

Its Better To Drink Fresh

How to Make Homemade Sugar-Free Pudding : Diabetic Recipes

Fresh juice you make at home has so many benefits compared to store-bought juice.

Fresh juice contains more nutrients, has a higher amount of antioxidants, and usually also contains less sugar.

Most store-bought juices get pasteurized, which is a process where the juice is heated up to a boiling point. Its done to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life, but it also removes nutrients and taste.

This is why many pasteurized juices have added sugar and other flavor enhancers, which are to be avoided, especially when a diabetic.

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Mediterranean Grilled Salmon Kabobs

These grilled salmon kabobs from Erhardts Eat are healthy and packed with flavor. They take chunks of omega-3-packed salmon and nonstarchy veggies like zucchini, grape tomatoes, and red onion, and then marinate everything in dried spices, olive oil, and lemons. Add the lean protein and veggies to skewers and cook on the grill for a quick, healthy meal for diabetes.

One serving offers 316 calories, 20.7 g of fat , 4.3 g of carbs, 30.4 g of protein, 1.2 g of fiber, and 2.2 g of sugar. Optional: Top the kabobs with tzatziki sauce.

Best Diabetic Candy Recipes

Zollipops Clean Teeth Lollipops AntiCavity Sugar Free Candy with Xylitol for a Healthy Smile Great for Kids, Diabetics and Keto Diet. Natural Fruit Variety, 3.1 Ounce

candy ok for type 2 diabetes fruits. In addition to periodontitis and dental caries, other oral conditions commonly occur commonly in patients with diabetes. These include fungal infections, salivary gland dysfunction, neuropathy, and mucosal disorders. Many of these lesions can be easily examined and documented by non-dental providers.

Our bulk sugar-free sweets make perfect school treats, as a dry mouth aid, to promote dental health, for those who are diabetic, as business give-a-ways, and as a smoking alternative or diet aid. Sugar-free candy helps you live healthier without giving up the things you love.

Jelly Belly Sugar-Free Assorted Flavor Jelly Beans. It wouldnt be Easter without a bag of colorful jelly beans yes, even those buttered popcorn ones. Jelly Belly packs all of their favorite flavors without the sugar into this variety pack. Fill your basket with this treat plus these genius Easter basket stuffers that arent candy.

Light condensed milk is super easy and inexpensive to make. I keep basic ingredients on hand but dont always have canned milk or want to run to the store. Dissolve 1 cup Equal in 3/4 cup warm water then add 1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons Nonfat dry skim milk and blend.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

This hearty chicken noodle soup combines skinless chicken breasts, low-sodium chicken broth, garlic, onion, carrots, celery, and a variety of herbs. Plus, it uses zucchini in place of pasta noodles. Because there are no noodles, its low-carb, making it a great option for someone who is watching their carbohydrate intake, Poulson says.

Plus, this chicken vegetable soup is jam-packed with color and nutrients, and brings plenty of flavor as well, Poulson notes.

One-sixth of this recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef offers 226 calories, 5 g of fat , 14 g of carbs, 3 g of fiber, 32 g of protein, and 5 g of sugar.

What Does This Mean

4 Sugar

Maybe we should think twice about buying sugar-free candy in a store. The solution to this is making it at the comfort of our own home! This can help diabetic consumers eat conscious and guilt free. Instead of the use of artificial sugars, natural sugar substitutes can be put in place. This article will share delicious recipes that not only taste great but are great for health as well.

The first candy recipe was adapted from everydaydiabeticrecipes.com, and it is peanut butter cups! The ingredients you will need are:

  • 1/4 cup of peanuts

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How To Make The Sugar

Our sugar-free cotton candy is a great topper for our Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Slushie. What sweet tooth wouldnt be satisfied with this delicious treat?

Use a good-quality blender or smoothie maker for making this recipe. I love my Ninja 1000 watt Personal blender and my Ninja Master Prep. Both of these machines blend the ice perfectly in seconds.

Dont Drink Juice On An Empty Stomach

You shouldnt drink juice containing high amounts of sugar on an empty stomach.

This means mainly you shouldnt drink fruit juice on an empty stomach. You can drink vegetable juice on an empty stomach if you want to, because of the low amount of sugar.

The reason why its best not to drink fruit juice on an empty stomach is that when doing so, the juice will be digested instantly, as there is no solid food to slow down the digestion process.

This will result in a spike in blood sugar levels, which is definitely to be avoided.

As a diabetic, you can drink fruit juice, but do so after or with a meal, so the sugar in the fruit juice will be digested slowly.

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Items That Will Come In Handy

As you make your way through the list of sugar-free cake recipes, the following ingredients and tools will come in handy. As an Amazon and Lakanto affiliate, I may receive a small commission if you purchase any of these items.

The recommend products below are the same pans that I use for my own low-carb baking. Your support helps keeps this blog and low-carb resource running, so THANK YOU!

Allow The Candies To Harden

Sugar-Free Italian Cookie Recipe : Recipes for Diabetics
  • Finally, allow the chocolate to set at room temperature.
  • You can also do this step in the refrigerator until hardened.
  • Then place in a storage container. Make sure you place either parchment paper between the layers. Waxed paper works too.
  • You can store these Diabetic Chocolate Peanut Clusters at room temperature, in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

Tried any of my recipes? Let me know in the comments!

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Making These Diabetic Brownies

Making the healthy brownie recipes isnât as hard as you think and this one is pretty simple to put together!

Mixing the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet in another bowl, the two are then mixed together and chocolate chips and nut are stirred in.

Pour the batter into a pan and bake. Making the delicious topping is also super quick and easy and voila – you have delicious brownies!

Glowing Berry Fruit Salad

This fruit medley is exactly what every plate should be: delicious, nutritious, and vibrant in color. We love the addition of chopped herbs for a savory taste. Omit the honey, and you’ll have an equally sweet bite. In addition, stick to a serving size of roughly 3/4 to one cup, depending on the carb levels of the fruit you choose, to stay within the recommended carb amount.

Total Carbs Per Serving: 15 grams

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Equipment Used To Make

Having the right equipment is essential when baking but sometimes I like to make due with what I have. Here are some of the items I used to make this keto pecan pie.

  • I always have parchment paper on hand, for me, it is a must for baking.
  • Using silicone rubber spatulas always come in handy when baking, wooden spoons are a good substitute if itâs just for mixing
  • Having a good strong whisk on helps to bring a lot of ingredients together
  • I couldnât have made this recipe without a heavy bottom saucepan
  • Making this sugar free pecan pie would not be possible without a pie plate
  • My rolling pin does not get enough use as sometimes. I often use a tumbler glass to roll out dough but in a recipe like this I prefer a rolling pin.

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Third Step: Mash Strawberries

30+ Sugar Free Dessert Recipes for Diabetics

Once you see that your strawberries are soft and most of the water has evaporated, using a potato masher, mash them until the texture you like.

Some people prefer pieces of strawberries inside, and some like them thoroughly mashed.

You can even place the mixture into your blender or a magic bullet to get an entirely smooth consistency.

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How To Make Low

It only takes about 5 minutes to mix up the batter, and then youll have a delicious treat ready to be enjoyed throughout the week!

You can see how I make them in this short video or read the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350F and line a cookie tray with baking paper. Set aside.

Step 2: Add the erythritol to a Nutribullet or blender and blend until powdered. Set aside. If using a confectioners low-carb sweetener, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Add all of the ingredients into a medium mixing bowl and mix until a smooth, glossy dough forms.

Step 4: Roll about 2 tbsp of dough between your palms to form a ball, then place on the prepared cookie tray. Repeat until all dough has been used. You should end up with 12-14 cookies.

Step 5: Use a fork to flatten the cookies, creating a criss-cross pattern across the top.

Step 6: Bake the cookies for 12-15 minutes.

Step 7: Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 25 minutes on the baking tray, then transfer to a cooling rack for another 15 minutes.

Now your peanut butter cookies are ready to enjoy!

Coffee Banana Cupcakes With Hung Curd Icing

Here’s another healthy sweet treat for diabetics but this one calls for a party


  • 1 cup chilled low-fat whipping cream
  • 1 cup hung curd


  • Mash the bananas in a bowl and add oil and curd to it. Whisk them well together.
  • Mix 2 tbsp coffee with 2 tbsp hot water to prepare coffee decoction
  • Add the coffee decoction to the banana mixture and mix well
  • Now add half of the Stevia and vanilla essence and mix
  • In another bowl, sieve together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt
  • Add this to the banana mixture and give it a light mix, just to ensure there are no lumps in the batter
  • Line a muffin tray with paper liners and pour an equal amount of batter in each cavity.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 12-15 minutes or till the toothpick inserted, comes out clean. Let it cool
  • For the frosting:

  • Take chilled low-fat whipping cream in a bowl and add tsp stevia and 2 tsp coffee powder to it. Whip this with a hand mixer.
  • Then add hung curd in batches and fold lightly. Fill it in a piping bag fitted with star nozzle
  • Pipe some nice rosettes on each cupcake and relish them
  • For more recipes please visit – https://flavoredwithlovebypriyanka.com/

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    Making Fresh Pumpkin Puree

    Make sure that you are using pie pumpkins and not carving pumpkins or miniature pumpkins. All of these pumpkins are edible but do not all make a good puree. Carving pumpkins are watery and lack flavour and the little miniature pumpkins are difficult to work with and are quite hard, and can be bitter.

    When you are shopping for pie pumpkins they are often labelled as pie pumpkins or sugar pumpkins.

    There are two methods for making pumpkin puree, the baking method and the steaming method.

    + Sugar Free Dessert Recipes For Diabetics

    Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies For Diabetics | The Easiest Low Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever!

    Discover our collection of sugar-free desserts for people with diabetes!

    Finally, a place to indulge with delicious cookies, brownies, pies, or mousse with no guilt.

    Plus, all recipes are keto desserts made with low-carb flour and sugar-free sweeteners to keep your blood sugar level on track. So keep reading!

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    Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream

    3/4 cup sugar substitute 1. In a medium bowl, use a hand mixer on low speed or whisk to combine the milk, sugar substitute and salt until the sugar substitute is dissolved. Stir in the heavy cream and vanilla. Cover, refrigerate, 1 to 2 hours, or overnight. 2. Turn the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker on pour the mixture into the frozen freezer bowl and let mix until thickened, about 30 to 35 minutes. The ice cream will have a soft, creamy texture. If a firmer consistency is desired, transfer the ice cream to an airtight container and place in freezer for about 2 hours. Remove from freezer about 15 minutes before serving. Nutritional information per serving : Calories 106 carb. 4g pro. 1g fat 10g sat. fat 6g chol. 36mg sod. 22mg calc. 46mg fiber 0g I searched for a sugar free ice cream online and this is one that came up. It was easy so I made it however instead of milk I used coconut milk. Wonderful !!!! Think your recipe has what it takes to win? Let the Cuisinart culinary community be the judge. Enter our Get Cooking! contest and win a “Wake-up Those Taste Buds” Kitchen Collection! Create a list based on all the ingredients you will need for your favorite recipes. Add ingredients, search recipes and manage your Shopping list. Its convenient, fun and so easy to use!Continue reading > >

    What Is A Good Dessert For A Diabetic

    View All

    • of 20 Sweets in a Diabetic Diet.
    • of 20 Crispy Peanut Butterscotch Pie.
    • of 20 Peanut Butter-Banana Pudding.
    • of 20 Peanut Butter-and-Jelly Sandwich Cookies.
    • of 20 Strawberries with Crunchy Almond Topping.
    • of 20 Sour Cream Pound Cake.
    • of 20 Black-and-White Cake Cookies.
    • of 20 Classic Angel Food Cake.

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    Using The Nostalgia Cotton Candy Machine

    The Nostalgia Cotton Candy machine needs to be set up properly prior to starting up. The machine has suction cup feet, which will hold it securely in place during the spinning process. Set it up on a flat surface, so that the suction cups will stick to it.

    The bottom piece of the bowl needs to be pushed down

    What Are Sugar Free Pies Near Me

    Diabetic Christmas Cookies

    Sugar-free pies are an alternative to regular pie if you have diabetes or want to stay away from sugar. Who would like this? People with diabetes, people who cannot eat pie for religious reasons, and those looking to reduce their sugar intake. Sugar-free pies are usually sweetened with sugar substitutes, such as Splenda or Stevia, and they can be made from many different fruits like apples, berries, peaches, pears, or cherries.

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    Is There Such A Thing As Sugar

    Even though some vegetables contain almost no sugar, there is no such thing as a completely sugar-free juice. Though there are many juices where sugar is almost non-existing.

    When we say sugar-free juices, we mainly refer to juices, that have no added sugar.

    Its also important to remember, that all human beings need sugar in their diet, even if youre a diabetic.

    If youre a diabetic, it just becomes more important not to consume processed sugar and instead get more natural sugar e.g. from fruits and vegetables.

    My Sugar Free Pie Recipes Are Sweeter Than You Ever Imagined

    I love pies, even more than cakes! Thats why Ive spent the effort to put up these sugar free pie recipes.

    Making them sugar free can sometimes be difficult, but its a lot easier with my sugar free philosophy:

    Substitute each part of a recipe you cant eat, until you have created a safe, alternative recipe.

    This makes the process of designing sugar free pies much easier. You can find ways to make almost any recipe sugar-free if you know your substitutes well. For example, Erythritol would be a good substitute if you were making a caramel drizzle, but Stevia would not .

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    Greek Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Pops

    Chocolate and yogurt come together for a healthified Fudgsicle. Instead of the semi-sweet chocolate chips as called for in the recipe, use sugar-free chocolate or 100 percent cacao baking chocolate to minimize carbs. And opt for a sugar-free or plain yogurt and unsweetened almond milk to lessen that overall carb count.

    Total Carbs Per Serving: 14 grams

    Sugar Free Pies Near Me: 11 Places For Pies Near You:

    Diabetic Cake – Sugar Free Pound Cake – Weight Watchers Pound Cake

    Sugar Free Pies Near Me! Weve got you covered. Whether you or a loved one has diabetes, we understand that there isnt always time to eat healthily and go on diets. So get our Sugar-Free Pies Near Me for the quick fix! Theyre guilt-free, with all-natural ingredients that will curb any sugar craving.

    These Sugar-Free Pies Near Me are a sweet way to enjoy dessert without the sugar rush. Sugar is often found in pie crusts, so we have whipped up some recipes that dont use any! You can whip these up for Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve if youre looking for something new this holiday season. Heres a list of some Sugar-Free Pies Near Me:

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    Healthy General Tsos Chicken

    For a healthier version of a popular Chinese takeout dish, try this General Tsos chicken recipe found on the Plated Cravings blog. This homemade version removes the breading and skips the deep frying, both of which make it a healthier option for people with type 2 diabetes, Poulson says.

    It starts with a lean protein source and marinades it in a very small amount of cornstarch, salt, and pepper. It then adds a simple stir-fry made of peanut oil, dried chiles, toasted sesame seeds, and chopped scallion. Peanut oil, for one, is a good source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, according to the ADA.

    Finally, youll pour on a sauce made of ketchup, rice vinegar, hoisin sauce, a touch of brown sugar, and soy sauce .

    One-quarter of this recipe packs 207 calories, 10 g of carbs, 12 g of protein, 12 g of fat , and 7 g of sugar. To keep the meal low-carb, serve with a side of sauteed or steamed veggies instead of piling it on a bed of white rice, Poulson says.

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