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It Can Take Time To Develop An Insulin Regimen

Lantus The Brand Name For Insulin Glargine – Overview

If youve been prescribed insulin therapy, it can take a little trial and error to learn what types and dosages of insulin work best for you. Blood sugar tests can help you and your doctor learn how your body is responding to your current insulin regimen. If needed, your doctor can make changes to your prescribed treatment plan.

Will I Still Use My Mealtime Insulin Or Other Insulins With Lantus

You might. Lantus is a long-acting insulin thats meant work over the course of an entire day. Long-acting insulin is typically called basal or background insulin because it helps control blood sugar levels between meals and overnight while you sleep.

However, Lantus isnt typically used to control blood sugar spikes after meals. You may need a rapid-acting insulin, short-acting insulin, or intermediate-acting insulin to fine-tune your blood sugar level control. Many people who use a long-acting insulin such as Lantus will also need rapid-acting or short-acting insulin to control blood sugar levels after meals.

If you do take more than one type of insulin, dont mix Lantus in the same syringe with any other insulins. This could change how well the insulins work.

If you have any questions about when or how to take each type of insulin, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

Factors That Speed Insulin Absorption

Variation in insulin absorption can cause changes in blood glucose levels. Insulin absorption is increased by:

  • injecting into an exercised area such as the thighs or arms
  • high temperatures due to a hot shower, bath, hot water bottle, spa or sauna
  • massaging the area around the injection site
  • injecting into muscle this causes the insulin to be absorbed more quickly and could cause blood glucose levels to drop too low.

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People With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is typically a progressive disease and most do not require insulin when first diagnosed. Blood glucose levels are often manageable with lifestyle changes such as more careful meal planning and exercise. Antidiabetic drugs, such as oral medications like metformin or non-insulin injectables, may be added if blood glucose level goals are not being met. Because Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease, at some point the production of insulin in the pancreas may not be sufficient and insulin injections may be necessary.

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Traditional Insulins Are Cheaper Than Modern Insulins

Diabetain Type 2 Diabetes Supplements

Average retail prices of Novolin and Humulin have gone down, or held steady, while prices of modern rapid- and long-acting insulins continue to go up. On average, traditional insulins now cost less than half of what modern insulins cost.

Why? Traditional insulins have historically been cheaper than their newer competitors. Modern insulins offer better blood sugar control but are synthetic analogs of traditional insulins, which makes them more difficult to produce.

Additionally, when patents on Humulin and Novolin expired around 2000, manufacturers Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk had to test new pricing strategies to remain competitive.

In 2017, for example, Novo Nordisk partnered with CVS to offer Novolin at roughly 80% less than its list price. Both Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly have also worked with Walmart to heavily discount Novolin and Humulin under Walmarts ReliOn line of insulin products.

Retail partnerships havent been their only strategy. Eli Lilly had been increasing prices for Humulin every 6 months until May 2017, when they decided to stop anymore increases. In fact, prices of traditional Humulin and Novolin insulins, their rapid-acting analogs , and their mixed products have not gone up since then.

and are currently the cheapest traditional insulins, with average unit prices of around $0.10.

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Anti Diarrhea Medication Offect Blood Sugar

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What Is Insulin Used For

Insulin is used in the treatment of people with type 1 diabetes who produce little or no insulin. It may also be used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes if insulin levels remain low despite the use of other types of medications, although most people with type 2 diabetes do not require insulin in the early stages of the disease.

Insulin may also be given to pregnant women who develop a type of diabetes during pregnancy called gestational diabetes.

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This New App Is Designed To Make Tracking Your Insulin Easier

Eli Lilly recently announced the rollout of the Tempo Personalized Diabetes Management Platform, their first connected personalized platform. This platform aims to help provide a centralized experience to support people with diabetes with self-management of treatments using Lilly insulins.

The platform will consist of three parts that work together:

  • Tempo Smart Button
  • TempoSmart, a compatible mobile app
  • Tempo Pen, a prefilled insulin pen

The Tempo Welcome Kit will include the Tempo Smart Button, BGM, and other diabetes supplies .

When You May Need Insulin

Walmart brand insulin products could reduce costs, help people with diabetes stay on medication

When youre first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you may not need to use insulin straight away unless your blood sugar levels are very high. Insulin can be used as a short-term treatment to help quickly bring down your blood sugar levels.

But you may also need to start insulin as a treatment if other medications havent helped managed your blood sugar levels or are not appropriate for you.

Some people may need to take insulin at specific times in their life when diabetes may be harder to manage, like during pregnancy or a severe illness, or after surgery.

When you take insulin, its still important to keep going to your appointments and manage your condition with healthy lifestyle choices. Staying active and eating a healthy diet will reduce the risk of complications from your diabetes.

One of the of starting to take insulin for some people can be weight gain. This can be difficult to cope with on top of finding out you have type 2 diabetes or a change to your treatment. Were here to support you if you want to chat anything through or if you want help with weight loss. Do contact our helpline to talk to one of our trained advisors.

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Types Of Basal Insulin

All types of basal insulin are long-acting.

A doctor might prescribe this type of insulin for types 1 and 2 diabetes. It generally acts in the body for up to 24 hours, although some varieties can last longer than this.

Depending on the type of insulin used and patient needs, a person should inject long-acting basal insulin either once or twice daily.

Long-acting insulin tends to have no peak activity and mimics the natural function of the pancreas. It allows for consistent delivery, keeping blood sugar levels steady throughout the day and night.

There are three different long-acting insulins.

What Are Warnings And Precautions The Diabetes Drug Insulin

  • Insulin should not be used if low blood sugar is present.
  • Any adjustment of insulin, whether to a different brand, type, strength, or method of administration, must be made under medical supervision.
  • Injury, illness, surgery, pregnancy, and changes in activity level can affect blood sugar levels, which might require an adjustment in insulin dose.
  • Patients should inform medical providers of previous medical history before using insulin, especially adrenal/pituitary gland problems, infections, kidney or liver disease, thyroid issues, and nerve problems such as tingling or numbness.
  • Patients should advise medical providers if they are pregnant.
  • Alcohol can increase the risk of developing low blood sugar.
  • Children and the elderly may be more sensitive to insulin.
  • Discard open vials of insulin after 28 days.
  • Do not use insulin after its expiration date.

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Disposal Of Used Insulin Syringes

Used syringes, pen needles, cannulas and lancets must be disposed of in an Australian Standards-approved sharps container, which is puncture-proof and has a secure lid. These containers are usually yellow and are available through pharmacies, local municipal councils and state or territory diabetes organisations such as Diabetes Victoria.

Procedures to dispose of sharps containers vary from state to state.

For sharps disposal information and help, you can contact:

  • state or territory diabetes organisations, such as Diabetes Victoria
  • state Department of Health

Insulin needs to be stored correctly. This includes:

  • Store unopened insulin on its side in a fridge.
  • Keep the fridge temperature between 2 and 8 °C.
  • Make sure that insulin does not freeze.
  • Once opened, keep it at room temperature for not more than one month and then dispose of it safely.
  • Avoid keeping insulin in direct sunlight.

Extreme temperatures can damage insulin so it doesn’t work properly. It must not be left where temperatures are over 30 °C. In summer your car can get this hot so don’t leave your insulin there.

There are various insulated insulin carry bags available for transporting insulin.

Insulin Therapy Can Help Lower Your Blood Sugar

UltiCare Insulin Syringes U

If you have type 2 diabetes, managing your blood sugar levels is a key part of staying healthy and reducing your risk of long-term complications. To help lower your blood sugar, your doctor might recommend one or more of the following:

  • lifestyle changes
  • insulin therapy
  • weight loss surgery

Insulin therapy can help many people with type 2 diabetes manage their blood sugar and reduce their risk of complications.

Several types of insulin are available. They broadly fall into two categories:

  • fast/short acting insulin used for meal time coverage
  • slow/long-acting insulin, which is active between meals and overnight

There are several different types and brands available in each of these two categories. Premixed insulins are also available, which include both kinds of insulin. Not everyone needs both kinds, and a prescription for insulin should be individualized for the persons needs.

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How Insulin Is Taken

Insulin usually is given as an injection into the tissues under the skin . It can also be given through aninsulin pump, aninsulin pen, or jet injector, a device that sprays the medicine into the skin. Some insulins can be given through a vein .

Powdered insulin is packaged in a cartridge, which fits into an inhaler. Using the inhaler, a person breathes in to take the insulin.

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Its important to maintain a healthy body weight. You should also make sure that you drink plenty of water, and limit your intake of sugary drinks. In addition, make sure that you get regular exercise. You should also avoid alcoholic beverages. Lastly, you should avoid alcohol. These beverages contain high amounts of sugar. If you dont drink enough, youre not doing anything to prevent diabetes. Besides, drinking alcohol can be harmful to your health.

The most important thing to do is to follow the recommended diet. Eat more healthy foods that have low amounts of fat and high amounts of fiber. The best way to lose weight is to lose 7 percent of your body weight. If youre overweight, you should try to lose 14 pounds to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However, you should not attempt to lose weight while pregnant. Talk to your doctor about what kind of weight is safe for you.

Besides high blood glucose, diabetes can also affect the nerves and skin. It may affect your sexual response and your nervous system. It can also affect your fertility. Women with diabetes are more likely to miscarry or have a baby with a birth defect. It can cause a person to have difficulty hearing and sleep. If the condition is left untreated, it can lead to type 1 diabetes and can even lead to amputation.

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Types Of Insulin For Type 1 Diabetes

There are different types of insulin that are used to treat type 1 diabetes. Most people with type 1 in the UK use two different insulins every day to manage the condition slow-acting and fast-acting insulin. Combining these two insulins is often known as a basal-bolus regime youll see why further down.

Which Diabetes Drugs Are The Safest

Putting Basal Insulin Therapy to Work for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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What Are The Side Effects Of Insulin

One of the most common side effects of insulin is hypoglycemia .

Symptoms include a headache, sweating, trembling, anxiety, confusion, irritability, rapid breathing, or a fast heartbeat. People with hypoglycemia may also faint and severe hypoglycemia that is left untreated may be fatal.

Hypoglycemia is relatively common because insulin requirements can vary depending on the food you eat, exercise you do, and how well you are. Hyperglycemia from too low an insulin dose can also occasionally occur.

Other common side effects include:

  • swelling, itching, redness or lumps around the injection site
  • electrolyte disturbances
  • blurred vision .

Insulin analogues are less likely to cause weight gain or low night-time blood sugar levels than standard human insulins.

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Insulin Pumps For Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin pumps can be incredibly helpful for people with diabetes. While many people still prefer the traditional method of taking multiple daily injections , insulin pumps can truly change life with diabetes.

  • Traditional insulin pumps:Todays insulin pumps are small, computerized machines that deliver insulin through a tiny catheter inserted into the skin with a small needle or cannula. They can be programmed with very specific, detailed hours and dosages to cover both your basal and bolus insulin needs.
  • Disposable patch pumps:Disposable insulin patch pumps offer a very simple method of delivering insulin without injections. Determining which type of patch pump is right for you may depend on whether you need both basal and bolus insulin or just bolus insulin. Options include a three-day wearable patch and a one-day wearable patch. Disposable insulin patches offer easy insulin dosing with a simpler system.

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Diabetes 1 Naturopathic Medications List

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Insulin Types And Actions Chart

Human Mixtard 30/70

This chart covers the different brands of insulin, how long it takes for each to start lowering blood sugar, when the peak of action will occur, and how long it will continue to work. Read the product information provided with your medication and follow the instructions from your healthcare provider and pharmacist for using insulin.

Brand Name

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Are Insulins Safe

The most serious risk of taking insulin is low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. If untreated, low blood sugar can be a medical emergency. Low blood sugar can usually be treated quickly by drinking or eating a food high in sugar . There are also products, such as glucose tablets or glucagon for injection, that healthcare providers may recommend for insulin users to have on hand. Other serious risks with taking insulin are hypersensitivity reactions and hypokalemia .

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