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What Are Normal Glucose Levels During Pregnancy

Testing Your Blood Glucose Levels

Easy Tips to Control Blood sugar during Pregnancy | Pregnancy Diabetes – Dr. Poornima Murthy

If you are using continuous or flash glucose monitoring, the device will check your blood glucose levels throughout the day. Your care team should talk with you about when to do finger prick tests on top of this.

If you are using testing strips, your care team should talk with you about when to test your blood glucose levels during the day:

Diabetes type and treatment

Women with type 1 diabetes

  • 1 hour after all meals

Women with type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes having 2 or more insulin injections a day

  • 1 hour after all meals

Women with type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes having any of the following:

  • changes to diet and exercise

  • 1 insulin injection a day

  • 1 hour after all meals

Work With Your Health Care Team

Regular visits with members of a health care team who are experts in diabetes and pregnancy will ensure that you and your baby get the best care. Your health care team may include

  • a medical doctor who specializes in diabetes care, such as an endocrinologist or a diabetologist
  • an obstetrician with experience treating women with diabetes
  • a diabetes educator who can help you manage your diabetes
  • a nurse practitioner who provides prenatal care during your pregnancy
  • a registered dietitian to help with meal planning
  • specialists who diagnose and treat diabetes-related problems, such as vision problems, kidney disease, and heart disease
  • a social worker or psychologist to help you cope with stress, worry, and the extra demands of pregnancy

You are the most important member of the team. Your health care team can give you expert advice, but you are the one who must manage your diabetes every day.

Glucose Screening Tests During Pregnancy

TWO-STEP TESTING During the first step, you will have a glucose screening test: You DO NOT need to prepare or change your diet in any way. You will be asked to drink a liquid that contains glucose. Your blood will be drawn 1 hour after you drink the glucose solution to check your blood glucose level. If your blood glucose from the first step is too high, you will need to come back for a 3-hour glucose tolerance test. For this test: DO NOT eat or drink anything for 8 to 14 hours before your test. You will be asked to drink a liquid that contains glucose, 100 grams . You will have blood drawn before you drink the liquid, and again 3 more times every 60 minutes after you drink it. Each time, your blood glucose level will be checked. Allow at least 3 hours for this test. ONE-STEP TESTING You need to go to the lab one time for a 2-hour glucose tolerance test. For this test: DO NOT eat or drink anything for 8 to 14 hours before your test. You will be asked to drink a liquid that contains glucose . You will have blood drawn before you drink the liquid, and again 2 more times every 60 minutes after you drink it. Each time, your blood glucose level will be checked. Allow at least 2 hours for this test.Continue reading > >

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High Glucose During Pregnancy And Diet

During pregnancy, a women should pay special attention to her diet. Craving sweets and other high glucose foods is common, so much more difficult it appears to maintain the right diet. But unfortunately, mainating normal sugar during pregnancy is even more difficult because the sugar is faster absorbed into the blood and requires more insulin. As a result, some loss of glucose tolerance is not uncommon. This also happens because your pancreas has really hard times supplying insulin sufficient not just for your but also for your baby’s body . As a result, blood sugar levels in pregnant women may be higher than regular.

That’s why high glucose foods should be avoided or eaten is small, controlled amounts. Of course, you body needs carbohydrates, but only complex carbohydrates are healthy: vegetables, whole-grain breads and cereals, legumes, browns rice. These foods will give you plenty of energy, but unlike refined high-glucose foods or products with added sugars, complex carbohydrate food will absorb slowly, helping you sustain sufficient energy levels and preventing those dangerous rapid rises of blood sugar. Dividing your daily ratio into small portions taken in 5-6 meals will also help you avoid high blood sugar during pregnancy.

Adjustment Of Glycemic Targets Based Upon Fetal Abdominal Circumference On Third

Coping with Gestational Diabetes

Despite reduced perinatal morbidity with interventions to achieve euglycemia in women with GDM, increased prevalence of macrosomia persists in this population. To improve outcomes, 4 randomized controlled trials have examined the use of fetal abdominal circumference as measured sonographically and regularly in the third trimester to guide medical management of GDM. This approach involves using stricter maternal BG targets , and an increased use of insulin, if needed, when the fetal AC measures 75th percentile or 70th percentile and conversely relaxed glycemic objectives when risk of LGA was considered low. A recent meta-analysis has shown that this approach can result in a significant 50% reduction in LGA rate compared to standard care, without an increase in SGA rate , but caution should be used before extrapolation of these results to routine clinical practice. Indeed, it may be difficult to apply this flexible approach given the extreme glycemic targets that were used, the fact that routine determination of AC is not done or sufficiently reliable, and frequent ultrasounds may not be accessible to most centres. Further analyses are needed to establish safe stricter and relaxed glycemic targets that should be recommended for women with GDM to limit LGA and SGA rates.

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How Gestational Diabetes Can Affect Your Baby

When you have gestational diabetes, you must tightly control your blood glucose level. Talk to your healthcare professional regarding your individual blood glucose goals. Poorly controlled blood glucose levelsthat stay too high for too longcan cause complications for your baby.

Just because youve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, that isnt a guarantee that your baby will have all of these complications. This is a list of what may happen if you dont manage gestational diabetes.

Heres how gestational diabetes can affect your baby at birth and right after birth:

Heres how gestational diabetes can affect your child later on:

  • Development problems: Researchers have noticed that children whose mothers had gestational diabetes are at a higher risk for developmental problems, such as language development and motor skill development.

  • Type 2 diabetes: Babies born of mothers with gestational diabetes are at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

Importance Of Being Physically Active

Physical activity helps control diabetes during pregnancy and has numerous health benefits for pregnant women.

It is recommended that most pregnant women do a total of 150 minutes of physical activity per week, ideally in at least 3 to 5 sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each. If you werent active before your pregnancy, start gradually.

Safe cardiovascular activities during pregnancy include:

  • cross-country skiing

Consult your doctor before starting these activities and avoid physical activities where you risk falling, losing your balance or have sudden changes in direction .

Stay well hydrated before, during and after exercise, in addition to having with you at all times your blood glucose meter and a source of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates in case of hypoglycemia.

Before engaging in physical activity, your insulin dosage may have to be reduced to limit the risk of hypoglycemia. Your medical team will help you adjust your dosage as required.

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What Medication To Take For Low Blood Sugar

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Take Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

How to keep sugar levels under control in pregnancy? – Dr. Poorni Narayanan

Folic acid is an important vitamin for you to take before and during pregnancy to protect your babys health. Youll need to start taking folic acid at least 1 month before you get pregnant. You should take a multivitamin or supplement that contains at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. Once you become pregnant, you should take 600 mcg daily.4 Ask your doctor if you should take other vitamins or minerals, such as iron or calcium supplements, or a multivitamin.

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What Is Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar levels become high during pregnancy. It affects up to 10% of women who are pregnant in the U.S. each year. It affects pregnant women who havenât ever been diagnosed with diabetes.

There are two classes of gestational diabetes. Women with class A1 can manage it through diet and exercise. Those who have class A2 need to take insulin or other medications.

Gestational diabetes goes away after you give birth. But it can affect your babyâs health, and it raises your risk of getting type 2 diabetes later in life. You can take steps so you and your baby stay healthy.

Ehealth Medicine: Telehomecare And New Technologies For Glucose Monitoring And Healthy Behaviour Interventions

Use of new technologies and web-based platforms for BG monitoring in pregnant women with diabetes in Canada and worldwide is rapidly increasing. These initiatives allow for 2-way communication with women monitoring and transmitting their BG results in real time to health-care providers for feedback. Studies have demonstrated 38.0% to 82.7% reduction in face-to-face medical visits and decreased insulin use in pregnant women using telehomecare in conjunction with conventional care, without an increase in maternal or perinatal complications. While 4 studies of GDM women have demonstrated comparable glycemic control and pregnancy outcomes , other studies with type 1 diabetes and GDM have shown improved glycemic control and pregnancy outcomes in the group using web-based programs compared to standard care. Enhanced patient empowerment and greater satisfaction with the care received are also reported in groups using new monitoring technology . However, generalizability of those studies is questionable as these studies were small, conducted in very specific settings and used different types of technologies and e-platforms. Furthermore, acceptance of these interventions by marginalized population subgroups and in remote regions would also be important to determine. Finally, studies assessing cost effectiveness of these measures, both direct and indirect are needed.

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What Makes You A High

If you may be at high risk for gestational diabetes , your healthcare provider may also consider certain aspects of your medical history.The provider may take into account your pre-pregnancy weight , your age, whether anyone in your family has had gestational diabetes or diabetes, your race or ethnic background , and outcomes of any previous pregnancies.Speak to your healthcare provider to find out whether you have a high risk or low risk of developing gestational diabetes. If the provider determines your risk is low, you may not have to take the glucose challenge test.

How To Gain Normal Blood Sugar Level If You Have Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Blood Glucose Levels Normal Range In Pregnancy

Your heath care provider can help you in establishing the range of your target blood sugar, and then the rest of the task lies with you and involves taking appropriate measures in following your diabetes treatment plan as well as making healthy lifestyle choices. Here are the basics:

1. Regular Checkups

Ensure you do regular checkups of your blood sugar level. This is important since you can easily monitor any fluctuations and take precautions to control the blood sugar level.

2. Take Medications as Directed

Make sure that you take either insulin or any other medications as prescribed by the doctor. Oral diabetics medications may be used sometimes, but your doctor might recommend that you stick to the insulin since some of the medicines may not be safe to use during pregnancy.

3. Be Flexible

You should be flexible always and adjust the dosage of insulin based on your blood sugar fluctuationsas well as what you take in and whether you are vomiting or other factors. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, sometimes in the last trimester, the hormones might block the effects of insulin and thus you will need a high dosage of insulin.

4. Stick to the Healthy Eating

Ensure that you maintain your standard diabetic diet which will contain more fruits, whole grains and vegetables. You can take the same food during pregnancy, but your doctor might suggest that you make changes to what you eat so that you can cope up with low blood sugar level.


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Glucose Tolerance Test Results

Itâs worth knowing that approximately 66 percent of pregnant women who take the glucose tolerance test end up not being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So, just because your provider has ordered a glucose tolerance test during your pregnancy doesnât automatically mean you have gestational diabetes.So, what do the results of the glucose tolerance test indicate? Four blood samples are drawn during a glucose tolerance test. If just one of the four results is higher than normal, your provider may recommend that you make subtle changes to your current pregnancy diet. The provider may have you take another glucose tolerance test after youâve made those changes to check if the results have improved.If more than one of the results is higher than normal, your provider may determine that you have gestational diabetes. The following figures indicate higher than normal blood sugar levels:

  • Fasting blood sample: Higher than 95 mg/dL

  • 1-hour blood sample: Higher than 180 mg/dL

  • 2-hour blood sample: Higher than 155 mg/dL

  • 3-hour blood sample: Higher than 140 mg/dL .

If itâs determined that you have gestational diabetes, your healthcare provider can help guide you in making changes to help manage it. Eating a healthy diet, exercising during your pregnancy, and taking medication prescribed by your provider have been shown to help control blood sugar and to help keep you and your baby healthy.

What Is A Glucose Test In Pregnancy

There are two glucose tests that are typically offered during pregnancy as part of your prenatal care. Both the glucose challenge test and the glucose tolerance test measure how your body responds to glucose and help determine if you have gestational diabetes, which may develop during your pregnancy.These glucose tests are routinely done during pregnancy and are recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for all pregnant women.

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Obstetrical Considerations In Women With Pre

The goal of fetal surveillance and planned delivery in women with pre-existing diabetes in pregnancy is the reduction of preventable stillbirth. However, not all stillbirths can be avoided due to the fact that many stillbirths in pre-existing diabetes occur prior to 36 weeks of gestation and that in a large number of cases no obvious cause is noted . Despite this, it is reasonable to apply surveillance strategies to pre-existing diabetes pregnancies that are similar to those in other pregnancies at high risk of fetal complications, such as intrauterine growth restriction , chronic hypertension, and systemic lupus erythematosis . Although there is no single strategy for antenatal surveillance for pre-existing diabetes pregnancies, the initiation of some form of fetal surveillance in all women with pregnancies complicated by pre-existing diabetes while applying more intensive protocols for fetal surveillance in pregnancies with additional risk factors is required. These risk factors include: evidence of poor glycemic control, prepregnancy retinopathy , LGA, polyhydramnios or the presence of other comorbidities or high-risk conditions . As a general rule, intensified fetal surveillance should begin at a period in gestation when intervention is possible and acceptable to both the parents and the neonatal care providers.

How Soon Do Blood Sugar Levels Lower After Exercise

Gestational Diabetes: Everything You Need to Know

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  • What To Do When Your Too High
  • Blood Sugar Support Plus

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