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What Does It Mean When Your Blood Sugar Is Low

Why Am I Having Lows

LOW blood SUGAR in Diabetics (hypoglycemia). Everything you NEED to know!

If you are experiencing low blood glucose and youre not sure why, bring a record of blood glucose, insulin, exercise, and food data to a health care provider. Together, you can review all your data to figure out the cause of the lows.

The more information you can give your health care provider, the better they can work with you to understand what’s causing the lows. Your provider may be able to help prevent low blood glucose by adjusting the timing of insulin dosing, exercise, and meals or snacks. Changing insulin doses or the types of food you eat may also do the trick.

When You Have Low Blood Sugar

First, eat or drink 15 grams of a fast-acting carbohydrate, such as:

  • Three to four glucose tablets
  • One tube of glucose gel
  • Four to six pieces of hard candy
  • 1/2 cup fruit juice
  • 1/2 cup soft drink
  • 1 tablespoon honey

Fifteen minutes after youve eaten a food with sugar in it, check your blood sugar again. If your blood sugar is still less than 70 mg/dL, eat another serving of one of the foods listed above. Repeat these steps until your sugar becomes normal.

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What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms Of A Low Blood Sugar Level

  • Check your blood sugar level, if possible. Your blood sugar level is too low if it is at or below 70 mg/dL.
  • Eat or drink 15 grams of fast-acting carbohydrate. Fast-acting carbohydrates will raise your blood sugar level quickly. Examples of 15 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates:
  • 4 ounces of fruit juice
  • 4 ounces of regular soda
  • 2 tablespoons of raisins
  • 1 tube of glucose gel or 3 to 4 glucose tablets
  • Check your blood sugar level 15 minutes later. If the level is still less than 100 mg/dL, eat another 15 grams of carbohydrate. When the level returns to 100 mg/dL, eat a snack or meal that contains carbohydrates. This will help prevent another drop in blood sugar.
  • Teach people close to you how to use your glucagon kit. Your blood sugar may be too low for you to be awake. People need to know when and how to use your kit.
  • Causes Of Low Blood Glucose

    Normal Glucose Levels for Children

    Low blood glucose is common for people with type 1 diabetes and can occur in people with type 2 diabetes taking insulin or certain medications. The average person with type 1 diabetes may experience up to two episodes of mild low blood glucose each week, and thats only counting episodes with symptoms. If you add in lows without symptoms and the ones that happen overnight, the number would likely be higher.

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    A Low Blood Sugar Level And Driving

    You may still be allowed to drive if you have diabetes or you’re at risk of a low blood sugar level for another reason, but you’ll need to do things to reduce the chance of this happening while you’re driving.

    You also need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and your car insurance company about your condition.

    For more information, see:

    Symptoms And Signs Of Hypoglycemia

    When blood sugar levels drop, the body isnt able to convert glucose to energy. As a result, low blood sugar in dogs can ultimately affect the brain and various organ systems. As with many canine conditions, early detection is key in providing effective treatment. Some common signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia in dogs include the following:

    • Lethargy, low energy, or listlessness

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    What Are The Complications Of Low Blood Glucose

    Mild-to-moderate low blood glucose can be easily treated. But severely low blood glucose can cause serious complications, including passing out, coma, or death.

    Repeated episodes of low blood glucose can lead to

    • high blood glucose levels, if worry or fear of low blood glucose keeps you from taking the medicines you need to manage your diabetes8
    • hypoglycemia unawareness, a condition in which you dont notice any symptoms of low blood glucose until your blood glucose level has dropped very low

    Possible Causes Without Diabetes

    Hypoglycaemia – How to Treat and Prevent Low Blood Sugar

    Even if you dont have diabetes, you may experience low blood sugar. However, hypoglycemia is much less common in people without diabetes.

    Some possible causes of low blood sugar in people who dont have diabetes are:

    • certain medications, such as quinine
    • some medical conditions, such as hepatitis and kidney disorders
    • a tumor that produces excess insulin
    • endocrine disorders, such as adrenal gland deficiency

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    Check Your Blood Sugar Often

    Regularly checking your blood sugar level can help you keep it in your target range. If youve had low blood sugar episodes in the past, you may want to check your blood sugar levels before driving or operating machinery.

    Talk with your doctor about when and how often you should check your blood sugar.

    Symptoms Of A Low Blood Sugar Level

    A low blood sugar level can affect everyone differently. You’ll learn how it makes you feel, although your symptoms may change over time.

    Early signs of a low blood sugar level include:

    • a fast or pounding heartbeat
    • becoming easily irritated, tearful, anxious or moody

    If a low blood sugar level is not treated, you may get other symptoms, such as:

    • unusual behaviour, slurred speech or clumsiness
    • seizures or fits
    • collapsing or passing out

    A low blood sugar level, or hypo, can also happen while you’re sleeping. This may cause you to wake up during the night or cause headaches, tiredness or damp sheets in the morning.

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    Warning Signs Of Low Blood Sugar

    Hypoglycemia can cause both short- and long-term complications. Know the signs so that you can treat the condition as soon as you’re aware of it.

    As a person living with diabetes, you know how important it is to reduce blood sugar when it is too high, a phenomenon called hyperglycemia. But blood sugar that is too low, or hypoglycemia, is equally critical to avoid.

    “Hypoglycemia happens when the amount of blood glucose drops to a level that’s too low to sustain normal functioning,” says Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDCES, who is based in Sparta, New Jersey. “In most people, this is defined as a blood sugar level at or below 70 milligrams per deciliter .”

    Hypoglycemia is common among people with type 2 diabetes, according to a review published in June 2015 in the journal PLoS One. Individuals with the condition had an average of 19 mild or moderate episodes of hypoglycemia per year and nearly one severe episode per year on average, according to the researchers. Low blood sugar was particularly common among those taking insulin.

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    This decrease in blood sugar levels can cause both short-term complications, like confusion and dizziness, as well as more serious issues, including seizures, coma, and, rarely, death, according to the American Diabetes Association .

    Hypoglycemia is usually the result of a too-high dose of insulin or a change in diet or exercise habits, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

    What Is Low Blood Glucose

    Best 25+ Reactive hypoglycemia ideas on Pinterest

    Low blood glucose, also called low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, occurs when the level of glucose in your blood drops below what is healthy for you. For many people with diabetes, this means a blood glucose reading lower than 70 milligrams per deciliter .1 Your number might be different, so check with your doctor or health care team to find out what blood glucose level is low for you.

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    Signs Of Low Blood Sugar At Night

    If your blood sugar drops while you are sleeping, your partner or other family members may notice that you are sweating and behaving differently. Signs of low blood sugar at night include:

    You may wake up with a headache in the morning if your blood sugar was low during the night.

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    Slurred Speech And Clumsiness

    Your sugar-starved brain may change the way you sound. Slurred speech is a common symptom associated with blood sugar levels that drop below 40 mg/dL, according to University of Michigan Health Systems. Combined with clumsiness another sign of low blood sugar you may seem as though youve had a few too many cocktails, even if you havent touched a drop, according to the National Health Service.

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    What To Do About Low Blood Sugar Levels

    If you suspect your pet has low blood sugar, you should visit a veterinarian as soon as possible to get your pup the treatment they need. Sometimes, though, a visit to the vet isnt immediately possible. If your dog is shivering or refusing to eat, you should act right away. In this type of emergency situation, owners can rub a small amount of corn syrup or Nutri-Cal onto a dogs gums. A veterinarian visit is still necessary, but glucose provided by the corn syrup can help increase your dogs blood sugar in a life-threatening situation.

    Possible Causes With Diabetes

    How to Measure Your Blood Sugar – Mayo Clinic Patient Education

    Diabetes affects your bodys ability to use insulin. Think of insulin as the key that unlocks your cells, letting in glucose for energy.

    If you have diabetes, a variety of treatments can help the cells in your body use the glucose in your blood. Among these are insulin injections and oral medications that increase insulin production.

    If you take too much of these types of medications, your blood sugar may drop too low. You may also sometimes experience low blood sugar if you plan to eat a big meal but then do not eat enough.

    Skipping meals, eating less than usual, or eating later than usual but taking your medication at your usual time can also lead to low blood sugar levels.

    Unplanned excess physical activity without eating enough can also cause a drop in blood sugar levels.

    Drinking alcohol when youre on these medications can also lead to low blood sugar, especially if it replaces food. When your body is trying to get rid of alcohol, it becomes worse at managing blood sugar levels.

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    Causes And Risk Factors Of Hypoglycemia

    For most people with diabetes, hypoglycemia is more complex than simply not getting enough glucose. Your medication may cause low blood sugar, for example.

    If you have type 1 diabetes or if you have type 2 diabetes and take insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels, you can experience low blood sugar if you do not take the proper amount of insulin, Dr. Dodell says. This is also noted by the American Diabetes Association.

    Other diabetes medication can interfere with insulin production and make your glucose drop, too. Among these are the insulin-increasing drugs for type 2 diabetes called sulfonylureas and their less potent counterparts called meglitinides.

    The Dangers Of Low Blood Glucose

    At some time, most people with diabetes experience the sweating and shakiness that occurs when blood glucose levels fall below 70 mg/dl a condition known as hypoglycemia. The average person with type 1 diabetes may experience symptoms of low blood glucose up to two times a week. However, not all are aware that these symptoms can rapidly progress to seizures, coma and even death if hypoglycemia is severe. Though hypoglycemia can be common and occur repeatedly in some people with diabetes, symptoms of low blood glucose should always be taken seriously. People with diabetes and their families, friends or coworkers should be prepared to act quickly and responsibly at the earliest signs of low blood glucose.

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    Can You Prevent Low Blood Sugar

    Hypoglycemia might sound a little scary, so you might wonder if you can avoid it. No matter how well they take care of themselves, kids with diabetes will sometimes have low blood sugar levels. But taking these steps can help:

    • Try to eat all your meals and snacks on time and donât skip any.
    • Take the right amount of insulin.
    • If you exercise longer or harder than usual, have an extra snack.
    • Donât take a hot bath or shower right after an insulin shot.
    • Stick to your diabetes management plan.

    What else can you do? Wear a medical identification bracelet or necklace that says you have diabetes. Then, if you are not feeling well, whoeverâs helping you even if the person doesnât know you will know to call for medical help. Medical identification also can include your doctorâs phone number or a parentâs phone number. The quicker you get help, the quicker youâll be feeling better.

    Overdose Of Diabetes Medication

    The 25+ best Normal blood sugar chart ideas on Pinterest

    A common cause of hypoglycaemia is taking too much insulin for your current needs. Insulin is a medication that helps control your blood glucose levels. Its commonly used to treat type 1 diabetes and is also recommended for some people with type 2 diabetes.

    A fall in blood glucose levels can also occur after taking too much oral hypoglycaemia medication, such as sulphonylurea, which causes a release of insulin. This medication is often used to lower blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

    Your friend, relative, or coworker should call 911 for help if:

    • You pass out and no glucagon is available
    • You need a second dose of glucagon
    • You had glucagon, but are still confused
    • Your blood sugar stays too low 20 minutes after treatment or doesnt respond to your usual treatments

    The emergency medical technicians can give you IV sugar . This raises your blood sugar level right away. You might need to stay in the hospital for a few hours.

    NEVER be afraid to call 911 or ask someone to call 911 for you if you are concerned .

    Other things to know about hypoglycemia:

    It takes time for blood sugar to rise after eating, and its important to give your first treatment time to work. Use the table above to guide your treatment and timing instead of eating until you feel better, which will almost always lead to eating too much.

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    How Quickly Does Novolog Flexpen Lower Blood Sugar

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    Does Low Blood Sugar Mean You Have Diabetes

    Many people think that there is a link between hypoglycemia and diabetes. There is nothing wrong with this opinion, because some diabetics report that they often experience symptoms of hypoglycemia. Nevertheless, diabetes is not the single answer of health problem to blame.

    If you experience hypoglycemia, this doesnt always mean that you definitely develop or have diabetes. Even some healthy people also can experience low blood glucose from time to time.

    For instance, if you dont eat all day long or when being very hungry, you may experience some early symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as fatigue, headache, or shakiness.

    How do you know if you have low blood sugar?

    To make a diagnosis of hypoglycemia, you need to a blood test to find out the level of your glucose in the blood whether or not it is normal! Your doctor may also perform a physical exam. He /she may ask you some questions related with your health or any medications that you are taking.

    In general, the tests and diagnosis will follow the rule of Whipples triad that includes:

  • Analyzing the signs & symptoms! If there is no any sign that points to the existence of hypoglycemia but your doctor thinks you have it, your doctor usually will ask you to take fasting for about 9-12 hours . This will provoke the symptoms to occur if you do have the condition.
  • If the symptoms occur, how long they last? Your doctor will analyze whether the symptoms disappear after the levels of your blood sugar are raised!
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