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Where To Put Insulin Pump Sites

Managing Insulin Pump And Insulin Pod Adhesive Allergy

Medtronic MiniMed – How to insert the Medtronic MiniMed Quick-set infusion set – diabetes therapy

her to use more of her abdomen for insulin infusion sites for the pump IIS insertion. 1. Change IIS every 48- 72hrs 2. Teach patients how to rotate IIS 3. Site check unexplained glucose variability 4. Annual check for Lipohypertrophy 5. Lipohypertrophy suspected change IIS site 6. Suspect silent occlusion or interruption of

How To Rotate Your Insulin Injection Site

Insulin injection sites and how to inject insulin are a personal choice but it’s important that you rotate your insulin site and technique as this can help avoid any build-up of insulin in one spot which may affect blood sugar levels.

The best way to rotate your insulin spots is to alternate injecting insulin into the lower back, upper legs, hips, or buttocks.

Below you can find a rotation scheme that you can use to rotate your injection sites.

Tips For Administering An Insulin Shot

If youre new to insulin injections, this process can feel intimidating. Here are some insulin administration tips to help you get started:

  • Store your current insulin bottle at room temperature. Your remaining insulin can be refrigerated, but dont freeze it!
  • Keep a close eye on insulin expiration dates. Expired insulin or insulin thats been open for too long wont be as effective as new insulin, so make sure not to use medication thats past its prime. To help you remember when you opened an insulin bottle, use a marker to write the date you opened it on the vial itself.
  • Remind yourself when to inject insulin. Insulin is a relatively complex medication. You cant use a pillbox to make sure youre getting the doses you need. Instead, set a reminder on your smart device or find another way of letting yourself know when its time for an insulin dose.

Reduce Your Risk for Developing Lipohypertrophy

According to scientific data, 22% of the insulin injected into areas affected by lipo is not adequately absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, 39% of people with lipo experienced unexplained hypoglycemia. That means you need to do everything you can to reduce your lipo risk.

Patients who use insulin for a long time, fail to rotate injection sites properly, and reuse needles are at heightened risk of developing lipo. Because of this, the best ways to fight lipo are making sure to rotate injection sites and dispose of needles every time you take insulin.

Choose US MED For Diabetes Supplies

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Types Of Infusion Set

Some insulin pumps need particular infusion sets to be used with the pump whereas other pumps are designed to work with a wider range of infusion sets.

Check your pump manual to see which infusion sets can be used with your pump.

Pumps that are compatible with infusion sets with a Luer lock offer more flexibility of choice over which infusion set you wish to use.

Issues Related To Technical Aspects

Best insulin injection sites: Absorption time and rotation

It is not only the prolonged use of IIS that may cause problems with metabolic control in some patients. Design issues, manufacturing changes, and inappropriate instructions for use or training can also have an impact on IIS-related issues.

In general, part of the technical issues with IIS is related to the type of needle used. In particular, perpendicularly inserted soft cannulas entail the risk of kinking, bending, or crimping. This may go unnoticed either during the insertion process or during use. To minimize the risk of an incorrect insertion, the use of an insertion device is recommended for Teflon infusion sets. Clinicians report a significant number of failure rates with autoinserters. This indicates room for improvement with the IIS design.

If the attachment of the IIS on the skin shifts laterally , this can result in an IIS occlusion. It is also important that the connection of the IIS with the cartridge is not leaking in the past, small leaks have led to several cases of diabetic ketoacidosis. Another issue is that in practice, the tubing easily gets caught if not attached to the body appropriately. The tubing is surprisingly sturdy , however, the needle and/or pump itself might be dislocated. Thus, not only the tubing can induce issues, it is the complete system that requires attention.

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Disadvantages Of Insulin Pumps

The VariSoft infusion set is easy to insert, has a discreet, low profile, and features convenient at-site disconnection. It allows users to choose their most comfortable insertion angle , so its preferred by patients who are lean and active. Visible and audible connection and disconnection confirmation.

How To Inject Insulin

Before injecting insulin, be sure to check its quality. If it was refrigerated, allow your insulin to come to room temperature. If the insulin is cloudy, mix the contents by rolling the vial between your hands for a few seconds. Be careful not to shake the vial. Short-acting insulin that isnt mixed with other insulin shouldnt be cloudy. Dont use insulin that is grainy, thickened, or discolored.

Follow these steps for safe and proper injection:

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How Many Years Does An Insulin Pump Last

Once you purchase a pump, plan to be connected at the hip for the next four years or longer. Thats how long the warranty lasts on most pumps, and insurance companies rarely pay for a new one until the warranty on the old one expires.

What to wear to work while pumping?

Comfortable clothing. Two-piece ensembles typically have provided me with the most comfort and flexibility. I do always wear a camisole under my tops because that also provides comfort and protection of my midsection if Im raising a shirt up to my neckline to pump. Also think comfort and coverage for your new assets.

Who should not use an insulin pump?

You should not use insulin pumps if you are not willing to test your blood sugar levels often. Using an insulin pump gives you more freedom with your diet and activity level, but you must check your blood sugar levels often to make sure they are near your target range.

Why It Matters Where You Inject Your Insulin

How to insert an Omnipod pump pod

Insulin is designed to be injected into body fat also known as subcutaneous tissue.

The rate at which your insulin is absorbed is largely based on the assumption that its being injected into fat, rather than muscle.

When a pharmaceutical company tells you that the onset of your Novolog or Humalog insulin is 15 minutes, for example, that is based on when it is injected into body fat. The peak of its efficacy and the duration of it staying in your bloodstream are also dependent on it being injected into body fat not muscle.

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Monitor Your Infusion Site

Infusion site failure is a common cause of unexplained highs. Check your site regularly for irritation, redness, swelling or bleeding. Change the infusion set immediately if you have unexplained high readings or moderate or large ketones. If your glucose is high twice in a row for no obvious reason, give a correction dose by injection and change your infusion set and rotate to a new site right away. Retest your glucose within two hours of changing your set and monitor regularly over the next few hours to ensure that your glucose is coming down.

There is no perfect infusion set for everyone. If you experience unexplained highs that seem to disappear after the set is changed, ask to try a different infusion set.

Alternative Devices For Taking Insulin

Insulin pump therapy: acceptable alternative to injection therapy Postgrad Med. 1996 Mar 99:125-32, 142-4. … This article examines a means of insulin delivery that is growing in acceptance–insulin pump therapy. Publication types Review MeSH terms Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 / complications … Insulin Infusion Systems*

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How Do I Take An Insulin Injection

Below you can find a few steps on how to inject insulin.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before injecting insulin. This is not always possible when you are not home or in a place where you can’t wash your hands.
  • Gather all the necessary supplies needed for injecting insulin including insulin, syringe, alcohol swabs, and needles. If you are using an insulin pump you will need to follow the steps according to your pump.
  • Select the site where you’re injecting insulin by either injecting it into the lower back, upper legs, hips, or buttocks. Lower injection sites are usually preferred due to less pain and quick injection time.
  • Clean the injection site with an alcohol swab before injecting.
  • Inject your insulin slowly to prevent bumps.

Compare Medtronic Infusion Sets

Pin on Living With Diabetes

A set for every body. A set for every lifestyle.

Ilany J, et al. Abstract 416 – Clinical study of a new extended wear infusion set design. 13th ATTD International Conference. February, 2020.

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Questions For Development And Research: Conclusions And Discussion

During insulin pump therapy, there are a variety of ways that IIS issues can arise. These can be related to patient specificities as well as handling errors, but also to IIS-inherent problems. In order to reduce such issues, patients should be involved in the development process at an early stage. A more thorough evaluation after the launch of a new IIS also appears advisable. It appears as if there is no current postapproval monitoring available in the United States and Europe. The question is, do companies or regulatory authorities have data at hand from customer complaints that would allow evaluation of an association between a given IIS and the issues discussed in this review?

As many of the studies performed before the year 2000 were performed with outdated devices, had small sample sizes, and were not Good Clinical Practice studies, their relevance has to be viewed in the context of current standards, and repetition of such studies with up-to-date material is advisable.

After the fast-paced development of insulin pumps since the 1980s, there is also a need for improvement with IISs. This is confirmed by the fact that several mild IIS side effects are observed every day in clinical practice. Are these related to the IIS per se, and/or are these side effects more related to inappropriate patient training on IIS usage and poor patient compliance?

Plus Tips On Traveling With An Insulin Pump And Using A Pump At School

Many infusion sets have a disconnect feature that allows you to temporarily unhook the pump and tubing for situations such as bathing, sports, swimming, intimacy, and when undergoing medical tests , or magnetic resonance imaging ).

Your diabetes care team will guide you on what to do when you need to disconnect from an insulin pump. You may need to check your blood sugar levels before, during, and after disconnection.

To disconnect: Pinch connector arms to open. Lift off of site.

When you use an pump, there is only short acting insulin infused in the pump. Once you’re disconnected from the pump, you need to be extra careful and monitor your blood sugars many times during that period of time. This is so that you can detect unusually high blood glucose and avoid diabetes ketoacidosis , which can happen if there is prolonged insulin infusion interruption.

DKA is a serious condition caused by high levels of acids in the blood called ketones. When the body doesnt have enough insulin, it breaks down fat to use as energy, which produces ketones. Instances when DKA can develop: you forget to reconnect the insulin pump after exercising or showering, or the catheter is pulled out without your realizing it, your pump reservoir ran out of insulin, or your pump stops working suddenly.

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Safe Management Of Patients With An External Subcutaneous

Find help with selecting an infusion set and sensor site, rotating your site, and taping methods. Insertion Site Management | Medtronic Diabetes ALERT: Due to the inclement weather across much of the country, Medtronic deliveries are currently experiencing delays and there will be longer than normal hold times on the phone.

How Does An Insulin Pump Work: Types And How To Use It

Medtronic Extended Infusion set How to change the reservoir

Important Safety Information. RX ONLY. The t:slim X2 insulin pump with interoperable technology is an alternate controller enabled pump that is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin, at set and variable rates, for the management of diabetes mellitus in people requiring insulin. The pump is able to reliably and securely communicate with compatible,

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Where To Put Your Insulin Pump

With all of the uses and features that insulin pumps offer to their users, users often have a hard time finding a place to put their pump. Without a pocket, it is difficult to determine where, and how, a person should keep their insulin pump. Many people struggle with this, and since insulin pumps are so important for the people that require them, it is important to know where they can be kept on a person. Some ideas for places to keep your insulin pump include in your bra, underwear, on clothing/accessories, in tight pieces of clothing, footwear, and taping it to your skin. Below you will find tips and tricks about each location to make storing your insulin pump a lot easier and hassle free.

Lower Back Hips Or Buttocks

Insulin injection sites are a very personal choice, but insulin in the lower back, hips, or buttocks is generally the preferred insulin injection site for people with diabetes. Lower insulin injection sites were once more popular because it’s easy to inject insulin quickly and it is less painful than areas such as the stomach or upper legs.

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Helpful Tips On Infusion Sets And Sites:

  • Do not change an infusion site immediately before bedtime unless you are, or think you are, having a problem with your set. Change it at least 3 hours before going to sleep. This will allow you to check whether or not the set is working properly.
  • Twice a day, check your infusion site, set and tubing. Make sure that there are no signs of infection at the site, that the infusion set is securely attached, and that there is no air in the tubing.
  • Change your infusion set and site every 2-3 days, as directed by your doctor or pump educator. Pregnant women may need to change their set and site every day.
  • When changing the set:

    • Have all supplies ready on a clean surface
    • Wash and dry hands thoroughly
    • Wash and dry the skin site thoroughly
    • Prepare skin site as recommended by your doctor or diabetes educator
    • Always inspect the infusion set package to make sure it is sealed and undamaged
    • Dispose of infusion set needle properly

    Never Inject Two Types Of Insulin In The Same Area At The Same Time

    Best 25+ Insulin injection sites ideas on Pinterest

    You should also keep in mind that you do not want to inject two different types of insulin in the same area at the same time.

    If youre taking a long-acting insulin dose and a rapid-acting insulin dose at 7 a.m., you should make sure they are injected into two completely different areas of your body.

    Some insulins can affect the potency, absorption, and efficacy of other insulins if they meet each other in that subcutaneous tissue.

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    Infusion Set Tips And Best Practices

    Site selection

    • Your infusion set can be worn anywhere on your body where you would normally inject insulin. Absorption may vary from site to site. Discuss these options with your healthcare provider or insulin pump trainer.
    • The most commonly used sites are the abdomen, upper buttocks, hips, upper arms, and upper legs.
    • The abdomen is the most popular site because of access to fatty tissue. If using the abdominal area:

    Avoid any area that would constrict the site, such as the belt line, waistline, or where you would normally bend.

    Avoid any area two inches around your navel.

    Avoid placing the infusion set directly on scars, moles, stretch marks, or tattoos.

    Site rotation

    • The infusion set must be replaced and rotated every 2-3 days
    • With experience, you will find areas that not only provide better absorption, but are more comfortable. Keep in mind, using the same area may cause scarring or lumps, which will affect insulin absorption.
    • Establish a rotation schedule that best fits your needs.

    Keep it clean

    • When changing your infusion set, always use clean technique to avoid an infection.
    • Wash your hands, use antiseptic wipes or infusion site preparation products, and keep the area clean to avoid contamination.
    • Site preparation products that have both an antiseptic and an adhesive are recommended.

    Skin adhesive

    Watch the video below for more tips on infusion set adhesion:

    Using An Insulin Pump At School

    Insulin pumps can effectively be used at school with close teamwork by the child, parents, school nurses, teachers, and healthcare provider.

    Work with your child and the school to decide where your child will test blood sugar levels, where bolus doses should be given, and where infusion set changes should take place. It may be easiest to let your child check blood sugar levels and make changes to insulin doses wherever they are during the day to help make diabetes care a regular part of the day and prevent delays in treating high or low blood sugar levels. Extra supplies should be left at school, typically in the nurses office.

    Teenagers and college students may benefit from pump therapy given the stress, varied school and sleep schedule, and changes in food choices that come at these ages. College students should tell health services that they use an insulin pump and give them information about their overall diabetes management plan and health care providers numbers to make health services a part of their overall diabetes care team.

    More on this topic

    American Association of Diabetes Educators. Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion . AADE White Paper. June 6, 2014. Available at:

    American Diabetes Association. Diabetes & DKA . Available at: https://www.diabetes.org/diabetes/dka-ketoacidosis-ketones. Accessed Jan. 25, 2022.

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